MK2.5 Fuel Filter Removal

Being out of the country, I’m not seeing this first hand, so forgive me if it doesn’t make sense - it’s all been relayed on from my Dad…

Everything has went well up to actually removing the old fuel filter, seemingly it has plastic push fit connectors, and he cannot work out how to free the clips off. He doesn’t want to put too much force into it in case he breaks the black part of the connector that is fixed to the fuel lines. Should the white tabs be able to be pushed back in easily to release the joint? Is a special tool the easiest option, if so what is the best one as there are an awful lot out there but none that seem to be specifically for the MX5/Mazda.


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There are 2 types of connector, on the early type the pipe is removed by squeasing the white plastic clips and pulling of the pipe. The clips remain on the filter. On the later type the clips are spread inside the pipe with a special tool (can be done with 2 thin screwdriver blades) and the clip comes off with the pipe. With a VIN number I can probably tell you which type you have.

 I too am very interested in this question as I bought two of these retainer clips from MX5 parts for a future fuel filter change.  They only list one type which they say fits all Mk2 and 2.5.  Firstly can they be reused if removed without breakage? secondly when replacing them what is the correct proceedure?  Does the retainer fit on the fuel pipe and the whole unit is then a push fit on the filter or is the retainer fitted to the filter first then the fuel pipe, then the retainer pushed into the fuel pipe?  I think it is important to be correct as the last thing I or indeed anyone else wants is a fuel leak  particularly when the fuel is under high pressure.   Robbie, you said you would be able to tell which type  from the VIN number.  I would be most grateful if you could supply me with that information to verify I have the correct type from MX5parts.  The Mazda part number on the bag is TO32-42-694.   VIN number JMZNB186200410769.  [A 2004 model, 1.6 litre]     

Regards  Geoff Peace.


I’ll try and get a photo of both types for comparisson… Unless you can post photos of yours. I would guess from seeing your VINS that you both have the later type fitting that require a special tool or 2 thin screwdrivers to remove them. You will not need new clips. I am yet to confirm a chassis change point for the fuel filter pipe fitting.

I can find no reference to the change in fuel pipe in the workshop manual and the parts catalouge is inconclusive. I think photos of the 2 types in the FAQ is the best answer.

 Thankyou for your reply Robbie.  On the retainers fitted to my car  the small part which is visible is a continuous ring  whereas the ones supplied by MX5 parts the lower shoulder is in two parts.  Picture on MX5 parts service sundries page 2 which it is claimed will fit all Mk 2 and 2.5  Could it be that part number TO32-42-694 supersedes the two previous types and is suitable for both?  Also could you clarify the fitting proceedure?   Many Thanks.     Geoff Peace.

The ones with the continuous ring are the later type. I’ll try and do a photo of how the pipes come off, if you have a look at them you’ll probably be able to work it out though. The white part remains in the pipe.

 Thankyou for your reply Robbie.  photos would be much appreciated.  A picture is worth a thousand words as someone once said.

    Regards   Geoff Peace.