Mk2.5 on Knockhill

I took my Mk2.5 to Knockhill on Thursday night and it was a great night! All in from standard I fitted Tein Street Advance Z adjustable coilovers (with proper alignment) loads of bracing, decent wheels and tyres, and Roddisons pads and the car was spot on - brilliant in the corners! It was good to see a good number of other MX-5’s in attendance also. There was an NC with a big dirty turbo slapped on it that I just couldn’t get anywhere near! Haha

Definitely have the bug for it now so I’m continuing with the bracing, roll bar, upgrading ARB’s, semi slicks and I’ll see how I get on before touching the engine.


Looks awesome man! I’ll hopefully have my MK1 up at kh next year with some luck :joy:

Thanks! Would be good to see more MX-5’s up there! Let me know if you get a track day booked and I’ll probably book up for the same time!

I’ll see if I might fire it out on a track day n/a just to really prove it’s gunna take a hammering, a lot of my pals all drive cliosports up kh and they do quite well, would be good to see one up against a well specced out n/a 5

All depends how long it takes me to get the v5 back and get it mot’d (4-6 weeks for v5 apparently :slightly_frowning_face:)

Yeah I’m going to max out the N/A set up before going for more power. I think having loads of power can mask bad habits - you can still get a respectable lap time because you just floor it and get round quickly. If you can learn the track and get a good time with less power then when you do go down the route of forced induction then the car will be a proper track weapon and you’ll be beating things with much more power.

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Aye man comes down to skill before it comes down to power, esp on a track like kh where there’s 2 straights and only one of thems got any length to it, ma pals put down 59s at kh in a n/a clio so anything near that would be absolutely awesome

However, My boosty parts are sitting in the garage waiting :joy:

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