Mk2.5 Remote Central Locking, should indicators flash?

Hi, the remote central locking on my Mk2.5 S-VT, when I use the remote to lock or unlock, it doesn’t flash the indicators like most cars do. Is this normal or should the indicators flash? I am forever double-checking it as a result.

 My indicators flash on locking and unlocking.

I thought they should. I wonder if the alarm is shagged or something. This car has had a BEGI turbo kit added with an Emanage Blue, although I don’t think that should have had any effect on the alarm/immobiliser.

 Mine flash once on lock, twice on unlock.  Have you got a remote or just a key?  Mine just has  a key but has a double locking system, you have to turn the key twice when locking it.

   Regards  Geoff Peace.

I suppose it depends on the model of the alarm, and if it has been wired into the indicator relay.  My alarm was a dealer fit option, according to the paperwork I got with the car.  Don’t think Mk2.5s had a factory fit alarm.  But someone more knowledgable will be along soon to confirm.  Do you know the make & model of the alarm?

I should have said, the car has the standard Mazda Visteon remote. I think it’s all just the standard S-VT setup, which I think means it had a factory fit alarm, could be wrong though! A 2003 car.


Just to confirm, my 2003 Nevada with a factory-fit alarm flashes once when the remote is used to lock the vehicle, and twice when it is unlocked. There is no flash when the button is pressed twice to deadlock it.


 Just to confirm my alarm was factory fitted.  Car was bought new.

    Regards  Geoff Peace.

Thanks guys. Looks like I need to delve into some wiring diagrams and see what’s what.

Check that the bonnet pin switch bracket hasn’t been bent down slightly meaning the bonnet isn’t opening it. It’s behind the left hand headlamp. Bend the bracket up to raise the switch and try it.

I had the same problem - saw your post, tweaked the switch bracket a little and - presto !! - the indicators flash again when I lock/unlock the car.

That’s another few quid that MX5OC membership has saved me …


I had great hopes when I saw your reply, but my similar problem must lie elsewhere. Does make a few random beeps if the bonnet is open when I lock and unlock it though, so something is working :grinning:

Here is the pin switch and it’s troublesome cheesy bracket on the n/s slam panel if any one is wondering.

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