MK2 Icon on eBay

Struggling to get a screenshot onto this post.
Essentially there’s a 2000 1.8 Icon for sale on eBay.
It’s done less than 14000 miles whilst being owned by a wife and husband.
The bidding has reached what I consider to be an amazing £7100…with some time still to go.

I noticed it a few days ago on eBay, it’s very low mileage which is helping it but still strong money for something that has had MOT advisories for corrosion for the last 5 years.

Seems a lot for an MK2, is the icon very rare? I know if I had a MK2 with no rust I would have some dedicated pics of the sills and underneath.

It was one of the few “factory” Mk2 special editions. 750 in the UK, sold in Japan as the NR-Limited. Same mechanical spec as the 10AE, so Bilsteins, Torsen LSD, 6-speed. Most other MK2s had an open diff, 5-speed, standard suspension.

It mght have a bit of rust but it will have heaps of provenance, and low miles.

Its provenance is exceptional.
Offside sill has rusted through at the very rear.
Front chassis rails are relatively good but perhaps on the cusp of needing attention.
Wishbones etc are crustier than I would have expected for a garaged, low mileage car driven only in the sun.
Interior is good.
Surely it’s destined for a private collection at >£7000. Would have thought it unlikely that there’s any margin left in it for the likes of the MX5 Restorer and Supercar Classics.
But I’m usually wrong.

I love the advert - 'No sign of bodywork rust ’ - but plenty in the MoT history.

‘Only driven on warm sunny days’. ‘Always garaged’. Really?

To me the condition doesn’t seem consistent with that.


Making good money

Well Folks,
It just sold for £7,435.55 !!!
Even though the MOT history is not exactly perfect?!!