Mk2 (NB) Battery alternatives

The previous owner of my recently acquired Mk 2.5 (or their garage) have put a type 63 battery in it. To get it to fit they have cut the back off the battery tray and ground off the outboard bracket on the retaining bar, which is also bent to accommodate the extra height of the battery.

I know the Panasonic batteries can last almost forever - the one in my other 5 has been in for at least 10 years - but they are very expensive. Is there a kit to properly fit a different battery as I can’t see one anywhere except for the Mk 1?

any battery you fit should have a vent tube on it to vent the fumes down the stock runner vent pipes

The battery in it has vents but only 1 connected! Battery has died through lack of use and no conditioning charger in the past. I’ve just recently got the car so it’s one of the very few things to sort out.

Halfords do one straight fit £75.

Do you have a reference?

Hcb 053

No vents on the hcb 053…the fumes corrode the boot

The one I got does