Mk2 Soft top frame and glass window for sale

I have a mk2 hood which has some small tears but has a heated glass window, the frame is in good condition 


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Let us know where about`s you are, You can add your location to your avatar.

I am from Cookstown, N. Ireland


If you still have your hood you could consider cutting out the HRW and selling it on ebay. I have sold a number of these and there is a good market for them. Not a huge amount of money but you can expect between £30 and £50. If you cut it out you should leave a generous amount of cloth around all 4 sides of it so that it can be sewn into another hood. Just a thought if you want to recoup a few pounds and can not sell the hood. The frame too can be sold separately but obviously it is not so easy to package/transport.


Stephen (Heli5),

Was it your good self that mentioned in another post somewhere that you can supply and fit hoods? I am hoping to get a bit of work done to mine at some stage and a new hood would really finish it off so maybe I could give you a shout at some stage to see what you think?