MK2 soft top roof liner detached

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __mk2
  2. I’m based near: __ Northern Ireland
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __

Hi, bit of help or advise needed please, friend has a mk2 which had a new mohair roof fitted a while back, problem he’s having is that the inner roof liner has become detached from the frame top

and we’re having trouble to successfully reattach it, it seems to wrap around roof frame by a plastic and Velcro strip fits into a groove on roof frame, we can get it back into the groove but it quickly becomes detached again, not sure if we’re fitting it the correct way round the frame or if some securing clips have went missing at some point. Have never fitted or worked on one of these before so not sure on how it’s properly attached.
Many thanks, Andrew

It wraps over the frame and the edge is turned 180 degree back on itself and is tucked into the groove. Egde should be a plastic/vinyl not velcro. Once it is in tap the groove shut with a soft headed hammer

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Many thanks for the reply, will try that and give it a try, was thinking that the groove had maybe opened up a bit, was just a bit unsure if any clips may have went missing, will report back on how we get on.

Thanks again.

Richard is spot on; the soft metal that holds the edge piece can get distorted/bent and whilst that may be OK in the middle will let go on the ends. Just refit precisely and use a hide mallet or similar to lock in place.

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Excellent guys, thank you, thanks for your help, that’s what we will do, will make sure the metal strip is opened up enough to ensure roof fabric will fit all the way in and then close over with hide mallet, will let you know how we get on.

Many thanks.

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Update, following advice given on how to repair this roof liner it seems to have fixed the issue, many thanks once again.

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