mk3 1.8 or 2.0

I am looking to buy a mk3 mx5. At the moment there are only 1.8 available at around £5000/£6000. I like the idea of limited slip dif and faster car.Is the 2.0 a lot more expensive to run    insurance   tyres   services etc than the 1.8.  There is a 1.8 for sale that looks good on the laptop. should I stick out for a 2.0. I have got till march 31 when my mk2 goes to the scrap yard. rust 42000 miles sad. 

In my opinion YES hold out for a 2.0 

i can sell 2.0 everyday where as the 1.8’s stick around 

Not much in it really economy wise so hold out for a 2ltr they do command a higher price. The sport model is the one to go for. If pre 2009 it’s the MK3 you should be able to pick up a nice one for £5k or lower depending on condition of course. They changed a few things on the 2009 onwards model (Mk3.5)  if your budget can stretch s little, say £7k -£8k you may find one to suit.

You beat me to it Paul 

Servicing costs the same, same tyres and insurance will be very minimal. I tried a few 1.8’s which were good but found the 2.0 i bought just that bit more better all round with a little more grunt and knowing resale should be a bit better. Nearly bought a 1.8 which had lots of mods which bought it up to the 2.0 in power but insurance quotes were £100’s extra.

Given your budget, you are in a position to buy one of the more recent MK3.5 cars without compromise. That is good because the MK3.5 2009 - 2013 does not have the controversial active bonnet. 

I would go for the 2.0 litre car but try both as you may prefer  to drive the 1.8. Not sure of  your personal circumstances but would think it likely that there will be very little difference in insurance premium on 1.8 and 2.0 standard cars. Have a play on the comparision websites to confirm.  

It’s interesting how with the Mk3 buyers are nearly always told to go for the 2.0 engine over the 1.8 but with the ND there seems to be equal views on the 1.5 and 2.0.

Unless you hate the look of the older MK3s don’t discount them as a good option. An early well looked after MK3 will be much cheaper than a newer model and may even be in better shape, the engine only has 1 less bhp than the newer car [a whole extra NM of torque to make up for it] so unless you are going to tune it or rev it to death why bother


You can spend the left over money on worthwhile upgrades, Suspension, exhaust, stereo, wiper stalk, servicing insurance etc. 

I had a 2 litre Sport for 3 years and loved it. Exchanged it for 1.8 Venture in Crystal White, and it took a while to get over the lack of the 6th gear, but power has never been an issue, so no regrets.

She was, and still is in fantastic condition, and looks amazing when cleaned. For a 7 year old car, it still brings me great enjoyment.