Mk3 2007 exhaust WANTED

Looking for a used after market exhaust for my 2007 mx5 nc1, mainly only want a back box but would look at others depending on price.


Might have one early next week.
I’ve just taken delivery of a new Cobalt back box, which I plan to fit this weekend (providing the world hasn’t gone any madder).
I’ve a 2008 NC1, so it should be just what your looking for.
What part of the country are you in?

Sorry I should have specified, looking for something after market, I’m not after any brand specifically just what is available

I’m based in Essex

Hi Dan,

Oh, sorry can’t help then.

Cobalt back box on eBay for £268, with an ebay 10% off.

That’s a contender, just looking if anyone is wanting to get rid of one :thinking:

Morning Dan,
New Cobalt back box fitted this morning.
I can thoroughly recommend. It all lined up perfectly and sound fantastic!
Not too loud while driving or in the cabin, but a much more throaty sound with deep burbles on the overrun and while idling.

Cobalt here as well, great exhaust, got mine for £210 delivered couple of months back seem a bit dearer now.

That is a good price, can’t quite stump up for a cobra exhaust

That’s good news it being too loud was my main concern tbh waking the neibours up at 5:30 haha

Cobalt all day long as others have said.
You don’t get the booming and is good at “motorway” speeds etc.
Worth every penny in my opinion.
Best thing I ever did was buy one and dumped the Go Perform one.
(Don’t bother with Go Perform as too loud, but did look nice).
Can’t comment on Cobra, but perhaps “Might” be too loud too?
Did research for ages mind.
All a matter for your good self of course.

As above , I fitted a cobalt early Jan, looks and sounds great, the sound deepens a little after a while, sounds like a sports car should sound :+1:


Hi I have a standard back box £40 or a Goperform back box £150