MK3.5 Anyone have a Cobalt Silencer Fitted

Anyone have a Cobalt rear silencer fitted to their MK3.5. I’m looking to buy one for my MK3.5 1.8ltr Miyako.

What are they like sound wise and do they drone at all?

Moss state ( Please Note: Will not fit MX-5’s with optional "Appearance package )


What is the appearance package? My Miyako is as standard from the factory, so I’m assuming an appearance package is not fitted.

Any feedback would be gratefully received. Thank you.


I have one on my MK3.

Mine drones a little, mainly around 2000 rpm, but it’s not deafening.

I notice it mainly when i’m trying to be quiet, like driving around our housing estate.

Get it out on the road, and at cruising speeds it doesn’t sound much different to stock in my opinion.


All in all, I feel that it adds to the car, not over powering, not too quiet.

There are a few forum members have these, I’m sure there will be one close to you who’d be willing to let you have a listen.


On my last MOT, the tester commented how it sounded nice, but not loud.




Completely agree with Keat63, have one fitted on mine and it sounds gorgeous and just right for the car, at first they sound no different to stock but with a few miles they bed in with a nice note. That said my mx5 is a weekend car only so i’m not in it every day.

Moss seem to vary their sales a lot, I paid £178 sometime last year for mine.

Thanks to both of you for the info.

This product seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. My car is weekend summer use only.

PFW- That was an excellent price you paid. I will monitor the Moss website to see what offers they have on the silencer.


Mine Too. Almost getting ready to be sorned if this rain keeps up. Undecided

I have had mine fitted for over three years now, maybe nearer four. It just adds that sporty note, how a sports car should sound without being too loud or droning. Have been on long tours with it including lengthy motorway trips (Derbyshire to Scotland) and it’s been fine for mine and the OH ears and she hates noisy exhaust tones. Give it time to settle in after fitting, a few have said it sounds too tinny or droning from new, a few hundred miles and it’s fine.


Thanks for the info, looks very neat.

I like the way the tail pipes protrude a little further out than the OEM standard silencer.


seen this on gumtree.....





Cobalt exhaust Mazda mx5

Nuneaton, Warwickshire


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yes had one fitted about 2 years i enjoy the difference
just enough sporty with out being to loud
A its a lot lighter than the standard one witch is a good thin .Mike

as all the above, had mine fitted a few months ago, very pleased, they look good, well made, and not too loud, a nice sporty sound, which settles to a slightly deeper tone after a few hundred miles, maybe a very slight drone at certain speeds/revs , but nothing that bothers me or my wife anyway


Really pleased with mine on my 2.0 NC, settled to a nice not over the top rumble that suits the car well.