MK3.5 Squeaky Suspension When Cold

My 31k mile MK3.5 is generally used during the summer months, however if its a nice dry day in the winter I take it out for a run.

I have noticed the last couple of times I have taken the car out when the weather is cool and the car has stood for 7 to 10 days I’m getting a squeak from the front and rear suspension when I drive slowly over the speed bumps on the road outside my house.

After the initial squeaking noise when driving over the speed bumps the noise stops. I can’t create any noise when pressing on the wings over each wheel and there is no squeak from the suspension when I return home after a run and drive over the speed bumps.

Any ideas would be gratefully received 



Get some tins of Halfords silicon grease and spray the areas around the suspension units. Cheap job may help if not, costs less than a tenner!!!