Mk3.75 retractable hard top tools

I have just bought a 2014 with retractable hard top. I have since discovered that the tools (allen key and eyebolt) are missing. Can anyone tell me the length and size of the allen key and and the thread and length of the eye bolt, or maybe even if these tools are readily available anywhere?

If you haven’t checked already.
Look down the bottom right hand side of the boot behind the cover.
They might have put them there.
Failing that, this any good for you?

Thanks for that, but it’s not what I’m after. There is an allen key (extra long) and a bolt, both of which are needed (together with 2 lengths of string) if the roof cannot be raised in the normal way. .

Ahhh, sorry for the roof.
Apologies will have a look at mine to see any part numbers for you.

Once you find them PLEASE keep em in the car and not in the boot. Same applies to the tow hook etc. Don’t ask me how I know such things

Just found this earlier post on the same subject.
I’ll see if I can get hold of these from somewhere. At least I now know the sizes etc

As promised anyway.
The screw thread is 6mm.(Typo 6mm is correct)
The allen size is 4mm.
Easily made if you get stuck.
Picture for the approx sizes. :+1:

Eye bolt is 250 mm long from eye centre to end of thread and is threaded 15mm in length of 6mm x 1mm pitch.
Allen key 4mm at 275mm long.
Rope is approx 750mm long 3mm or 1/8" nylon.

Many thanks for that information.

This company has the kit you are looking for.

Except for the out of stock issue

It is worth checking back as, although rare, they do become available from time to time. I did get mine from them eventually. Why they are always missing is a mystery to me. Also it’s a kit that all of us PRHT owners want whilst hoping and praying that it will never be used!

I made myself a set of these tools recently for about £15.

This is the specification I used which I took from an American MX5/Miata forum…

The hex driver is 4mm hex 28cm (11") long.
The rod is 6mm dia, threaded M6 for 10mm one end and form a 20mm loop on the other end, overall length 26cm (10") long.
There are 2 cords 170cm (5,6") long, from 4mm dia cord.

Slightly different to the sizes posted already but not very much

They’re now safely packed away in the depths of the rear wing cavity, but if I get the chance I’ll dig them out and post a photo.

Biggest problem is forming an eye into the end of the the threaded rod - in the end I drilled and tapped it and inserted a small bolt instead to form a T-piece and allow purchase when in use.

Hope I never need it!

Small snag with using that convenient space, the one and only time you’ll ever really need the kit, you’ll be unable to get into the boot because of a partly open stalled PRHT.

The glove box is one alternative and handy place, but in the back pouch on the passenger seat is where I keep mine, along with hi-viz and space blankets.

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I never thought of that dohhh!

Thanks for pointing that out, I better move them, lol. :thinking: :+1:

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I agree with RichardFX, keep the tools in the cabin, not because the boot will not open, ( the boot will open to about halfway unless you have a rack on the boot lid but will have to be held at that height manually) but because sod’s law, you will have stuff in the boot preventing access to the tools.


Here are my home made tools. Now moved to the pouch behind the passenger seat! :+1:


This poster is selling one if you haven’t got one yet. :+1:

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