Mk3 Bose stereo speaker

Hi all
We’ve just purchased a mk3 2.0 sport and both of the front speakers have blown. The Bose speaker from the dealer is £150 and my car audio place says it has crossovers so they can’t help. Any advice welcome. We are in the north east near Durham

Have a look on this ebay link.

What mk3 year? Prev face lift the crossover is in the speaker, post pace lift (2009) the cross over is in the amp. This is what I gleaned from a lot of digging and may not be 100% accurate!

Anyway, I have just swapped out my door mounted Bose speakers for Focal ISU200 (about £140 for two woofers, two tweeters and crossovers), had to join wires and make a mount for the tweeters, but pretty easy.

Or if you just want Bose replacements, I now have some I could sell out my 2008 NC.

2007 model. How much are you wanting

So should drop straight in. Where are you? Could drop it round if you are relatively local…

I guess £60 for for all 4? Plus postage.

I’m near Durham DL16 postcode

That’s a bit too far, I guess a tenner for postage, so £70 all in. If you want them, let me know details by private mail, and I can get them off to you.

@Wozzybear still yours if you want them, but I will be putting them on ebay later today if you don’t. Let me know in the next two or three hours.


Yep still would if it isn’t too late

Hi Wozzy,

They are now on ebay. I am committed to a 10% commission on them, so am hoping for at least £70. There are a few watchers, but no bids yet. If you make an offer (on eBay) of £70, I will accept that.