Mk3 centre console

I was going to get a replacement centre console bin from MX5 Parts to replace my NC’s cup holders, but they are out of stock of the black ones. Fancy having a go at modifying the Mazda part using black styrene sheet. Has anyone tried this before?

Obviously I’ll need to remove the insert before I can attack it with the Dremel - how does the console come apart?


Removal instruction are posted on the forum. Cool 

Thanks for the link - looks pretty straightforward.

It is straight forward. But do be very careful removing the cover at the back. As said in the link I broke one of the tags, and when I went to help another club member swap the centre console they had already broke a tag by the time I got there.

If you do fabricate something please post details of what you do and how you did it Thumbs up


I’ll be sure to post some pics.

Building something will take a few days, so it’ll have to wait until I get my other car back from the garage.