Mk3 NC 2.0 - TD04 Subaru turbo installation


I am about to purchase a mk3 2.0 se limited edition.  I am assuming this should have a torsen lsd?


I have been reading through the various turbo installations.  I see the Subaru turbo used in NA and NB engines, but can’t find anyone using it on the NC engines, nor can I find a suitable turbo manifold.  


Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please?

By and large the MK3 Turbo upgrade is only supplied as a package of Turbo and all the modified bits.

Therefore therr is little DIY package make up and fit for the MK3. It is a bit of a closed shop with even some of the stateside tuners reselling UK supplied Turbo kits.

Every manual 2.0 Mk3 has an LSD but not the Torsen brand, they’re the Super-LSD manufactured by GKN Driveline.

Will something like this fit? As it’s a duratec engine, I would assume the cylinder head flange shape would be the same?

Due to the rearward set of the engine and its inline orientation there is very little room for a turbo to be mounted using transverse engine parts such as ford.

There is much more info on american sites such as