MK3 poly bush advice and opinion

Hello all, just looking at replacing front and rear bushes on my mk3 sport. I have see these at MX5 parts and wondering if anyone else has used them and their option of them. Main reason is that they are a lot less than Super Pros!! Thanks in advance. image

Polybush bushes are designed to work the same way as rubber (interferance fit) which means unlike other polybushes there is no greasing. For a road car this improves feel and maintains geometry without the maintainence.
Superpro and Powerflex are well produced bearing polybushes that do provide less complience if you are taking the car on track but will need regreasing.
I have run all of these and the SuperPro and Powerflex do give a slightly more responsive feel if you are going to develop your chassis further.
However, added to the fact there are alot of them to maintain the Polybush product is a good choice.

Good info. Actually not doing track work. Just purely road. Cars done 104000, well maintained but as Iā€™m renewing dampers and springs I thought I would check original bushings and replace. Thanks again

One thing to consider if you are rebushing is replacement alignment bolts. Sometimes these can corrode very badly especially the front castor ones. I used Skidnation these are higher torque than standard.
I also changed the trackrod ends which made the setup alot easier once everything is back together.

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Again great info and will definitely do as suggested. Looks like a bit of work to do at the weekend, and of course will organise a full 4 wheel alignment. Cheers all.