MK3 Radiator

  What sort of job is it to fit a rad on a mk3, i think one of my led lights wire has made mine leak. does the rad come out at top or bottomCry DAVE

Um…what? How?


 havig fitted my led driving lights, i left a wire with a conector on the end  ( trying to find a power souce) it got into the fan and put some nice holes in my rad. Thinking

Well, frankly I’m working blind here…best wait for someone who has done it to come along.

However…rads are generally pretty easy on the whole. You’ve got to drain the system (one plug) and take off two hoses. The only variable is how easy it is to get it dismounted and out, which should be easy enough to tell by looking.

By the way, that’s pretty harsh! A 10p connector has probably just done away with a good few hundred quid! Sad

Ouch! Well I’m afraid it looks a nightmare for what you’d expect to be a simple job. According to Haynes 61016 and Mazda manual, it reads more like taking the car off the rad than the rad out the car,

it comes out the bottom along with the fan and shroud after,

disconnect battery

raise car

remove under cover

drain coolant

remove battery and tray and cooling duct

remove air filter housing

remove pcm

remove pcm cooling duct

remove coolant reservoir

disconnect rad fan

disconnect upper and lower hoses

remove power steering cooler line and air con condenser (do not disconnect hoses)

remove upper and lower rad insulators