MK3 wiring diagram

Hi all,

Anyone know where I can obtain a wiring diagram for a MK3,


This any use:


Thanks for that.

Why are. The tops of the pages cut off on the PDF?


Because the original drawings are not A4 or A3 & the original scan was not sized to fit  landscape if was created using portrait the sides would be missing

All info is there you just need to sort the page format or recreate the file with PDF editor using custom page size setting to view them.  :wink:

or copy the individual imges into a new ‘scale to fit’ document

I was looking for a MK3.5 wiring diagram but thought I’d try this.
Seemed to download ok but when I view it every other page is missing.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?

My Mk2.5 manual is divided into two pages - one is the wiring diagram, and the opposite page is the harness and equipment placing detail. I assume this is the same, but just shows wiring, not the other. Copying a manual is difficult, as the pages are separate, so page 1 wiring also shows page 2 reverse, which is the harness detail. It makes the scan and up/download twice as difficult, as I know from having sent a few pages to various people.

While harness (loom) details are immaterial to most, the equipment location does help, if you wonder which sensor you are looking at on the wiring detail. Same with relay locations - you just have to find them on the car.

Just downloaded it myself - whoever scanned this didn’t do a very good job, the blank pages represent the harness and equipment details I just mentioned, but now appear as blank pages. C’est la vie - - - -

Thanks for that Gerryn, automotive wiring diagrams are hard to follow at the best of times, this just makes it more confusing.
Ah well, as you say " c’est la vie "

I found that the Mellens wiring diagrams pdf for the Mk3 was asking the Acrobat reader to show a different page size from the image so it was cropped, and as you say the alternate pages are blank apart from a title or footnote as a caption for the drawings on the adjacent filled pages. All the rest of the Mellens pdfs I’ve looked at were OK.

However, if I use the LibreOffice pdf reader or the Foxit pdf reader then the whole page is shown un-cropped, but still with the problem of the almost blank intervening pages carrying the captions for the drawings.

I considered rebuilding the file, but in the end it is readable once the idiosyncrasies of the captions are understood, and I would have needed to spend time learning the deeper intricacies of Foxit. Life is too short.

Adobe Acrobat was also becoming a nuisance in other ways. So I have now uninstalled Adobe Acrobat from all my machines and wiped all traces (especially the ill-behaved Adobe Acrobat updater) and gone over to Foxit as the default.