Mk4 alarm won't stop going off

Hi, I have just changed my car battery as the old one was dead. As soon as I attach the negative lead, the car alarm starts and the fob will not deactivate it. I have to disconnect the battery again and wait for it to stop.

Ant ideas please?

When it goes off does the remote work?,if it does try starting the car it might then stop or just the ignition on will stop it on some cars !

Sorry, forgot to say the car won’t start

Does it turn over ?

No. The alarm starts and the fob is working, but will not stop the alarm or start the car. It is a key-less, push-button start.

Obvious question. Are the battery terminals connected to the correct leads?

Change the fob battery, then when you reconnect the car battery, unlock and lock the car and start it,. should stop it.

Yes the connections are correct

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I’ll give it a go. Thank you.

What happens if you try to start the engine by pressing the engine start button using the transmitter?

Hi all, thanks for your support. Unfortunately, RAC could’t start it either so it is in the Mazda garage now for them to fix it. Lesson learned; don’t let the battery go flat.

Many thanks, Trev

Had to get RAC in and they couldn’t start it either - give them credit, they tried everything they could, so they got it to the local Mazda garage in Coventry. They now tell me the wiring harness needs replacing - which is a big and expensive job. The plugs behind the dashboard had rusted. Car out of warranty so a big bill. Very disappointing because up until that the car has been the usual reliable fun all MX5s are. Not what I was expecting from a car that is just a few years old.

That’s terrible! I wonder where all the moisture is coming from to cause rust behind the dash?

As Countrybiy says,how’s it got damp there,have you had the car from new ?

My old Boss used to leave the cabin air on air-con + recirculate mainly because the pollen filter ponged (never changed at dealer services) and that poor old Vectra used to have the water running down on the insides of the windows, and out the air-con drain.
His car rusted from the inside out and suffered endless electrical troubles. Whereas my Vextra, much older, totally reliable and zero rust was scrapped only because a spring broken in the engine made it uneconomic to repair.

Good news! I have been contacted by Mazda Support UK to tell me they will support me with the repair as they too feel it is unlikely to be the result of something I have done, or not done. They have their UK technical specialist looking at it now and the bill (very high indeed for a new wiring harness and the labor) will be reduced (by how much is unknown yet). It is really good to see they do have genuine customer care. Thank you Mazda.

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Yep. Had the car from new.

Good news. Please let us know what Mazda find and what they say caused the problem as it’s something that all ND owners will be interested in. Many thanks and good luck!!!

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Will do. Looking forward to getting it back and getting out again when we are all free again

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Exactly the same thing has happened with my ND. Went away for a few weeks, battery flat on return and after charging it back up the alarm goes off after re-connecting negative terminal. Key fob ineffective and can’t start engine. How was the previous reported problem resoved I wonder?