Mk4 electric window glitch

So a friend has a 2019 MX5 SE+. He acquired some interior bits from an 2016 Sport Nav including door card (with the colour coded top piece and leather insert). Upon fitting one of the door cards and connecting the electric window switch (from the donor car also) the window went straight down and now only comes up half way?

Refitting the original switch makes no difference and even disconnecting the battery doesn’t seem to reset anything? Any ideas?



Now sorted ???

Good news but for future reference it would be good to know how.

P.S. I wonder who this friend is who has the same model as you do?

The door needed to be shut in order for the window to recalibrate. And yes, a friend and I bought identical models from the same dealership at the same time!

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Thank you for this gem for information. I was moments away from ordering a new window switch/controller for my Mk4.

Because it’s been so hot this week I was assembling and testing the door with it open. I never thought that closing the door would reset it. Every time I connected the wing mirror connector (there’s two on the driver’s side - one for the window and one for the wing mirror) the window would go down but it wouldn’t go back up. For the past day, after putting the mirrors in the correct position, been driving around with only one cable connected.

Thanks again.