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Looking for some guidance on whether my car is a v special. I have obtained a data sheet from the website which correctly identifies the car as a November 1991 Eunos Roadster using the chassis number. However as part of the list of details it has a section called modification which states

I’m guessing “V-Special”. Its garbled kanji, maybe because you don’t have a japanese font installed.

1991 V-Specials came in green or black. In 1991, you could not get a Eunos Roadster in green or black that was not a V-Special. Green or black standard cars did not exist then. Black S-Specials came out in 1992.

If your car is red, yellow, whilte, silver, blue, its not a V-Special.

You can check the chassis plate paint code to make sure the car hasn’t been repainted.

On the drivers door shut, there should be a sticker, which will list the model type.

Try the VIN decoder on Japan Partner.

Thanks for this. I thought it was a v special as it is the correct HU colour code. Looks as though it has had the interior changed to black though

Probably the tan interior was wrecked.

Slim, very slim chance your might be a refreshed car. Back in 2004, Mazdaspeed refurbished a bunch of early cars, to varying degrees. At least one was a V-Spec, where they pulled the tan interior and replaced with a black interior. The giveaway on these cars is that the script on the rear “Roadster” badge was yellow, not black.

This car

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This is interesting although I can’t see the images. Do they hold a record of the cars that they did ie reg number or chassis numbers

Also my Eunos Roadster badge has red not black or yellow

They only made 30, so unlikely one would be here.

A bitsa car. Red badges were on 1993-1995 1.8 models. Someone has changed the badge or the back panel.

Yeh I think you are right as mine has the uk flight so the back bumper has defo been changed. The chassis number on the one in the picture is a lot lower number than mine and also mine still has the jap stickers on the underside of the bonnet.
Great to receive this useful information