MoMo Steering wheel removal

I need to remove my Momo wheel to get it refurbished. Do you have to remove the mounting boss as well or can you just remove the wheel from the boss? Does that padded ‘T’ section come away to reveal the fixing screws? Thanks

From memory the rubberised pad will just pull off leaving the fixings exposed.

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Thanks Robbie, I was hoping it might be that simple. Didn’t want to force it and bugger it up!

That version is attached by velcro; you have to unpeel the cover from the spokes.

Loosen but don’t remove the central nut, then give the wheel a few taps to release from the spline.

Don’t forget to have the wheel in the straight ahead position.

Thanks Saz, I assume if I remove the cover the wheel can be removed from the boss? I’m expecting to see 6 socket head bolts?

No, this Momo wheel is unlike other ones. You can take the wheel off the boss, but you wouldn’t want to do that.

That’s very helpful, think I’ll take the whole wheel off then.
Thanks for the info