Monster Performance Improvement

Currently on an M6 road trip delivering my MX5 to its (and our) new home in Scotland.

This pair of simple low cost devices have easily added 10mph to our comfortable cruising speed. I think they are called “Full spectrum sonic interference filters” and I fitted them myself.


They look like pear drops, I hope you are not putting those in your ears!!!

Enjoy your new life in Scotland.


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Welcome home Mx5.
You as well McTrucky! :wink:

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25 degrees on the heater, must be that Scottish lifestyle.

Once he crosses the Border into Scotland he will be able to turn it down !

Especially when he finds out he has to pay the additional ‘Scottish’ income tax!!!

… and all the “Fishy” stuff that is going on in Scottish Parliament !!!

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So that is the mx5 delivered, fly back to Garwick next and the next time I am up will be final move.

Really enjoyed the run up, mostly top down except the London to BIrmingham dash. Came off the M74 at Moffat and went cross country to Edinburgh. Empty roads, snow on the hill tops, heater on full and smile on face.


It’s the beginning of the rest of your life. :grinning:
Have a good one.
Happy 5-ing.


The a708 from Moffat past St Mary’s Loch was a cracking drive last time I did it 3 years ago. Like a mini NC500


Putting the roof in the correct place also reduces audible engine and road noise.

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