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(Credits: Mike Longstaff - Yorkshire Ridings, other contributors may be identified in content) 

 An excellent way of presenting your photo’s, I really like it, even the music.[:)]

Not my work, credit is due to Mike Longstaff and others from Yorkshire Ridings…

Some cracking photos there, nice viewing [Y]

 I enjoyed them,it was also nice to see my two,the black Mk 1 V.S II 1800cc 1993 import wearing chrome spokes and a load of mazda speed goodies ect, and a black Mk II V.S 1800cc 1999 import with a shed load of mazda speed goodies also, on andrew stote’s autolink stand.

It was a fab day and my kids loved it,i was really happy to hear at the end that all monies raised went to the air museum,my first meeting and you never know i may come to more???

thanks everyone


One Stop Mx-5 Roadsters


 cracking pics from the track day. only problem is every time i see a pic of my car on track it shows just how soft the suspension in. it needs lowering.

nice pics from sunday to, i couldn’t make it as the track wrecked my tyres and i didn’t wanna risk them travelling on the sunday