MOT Extensions

MOT extensions

From 30th March Vehicle owners to be granted a 6-month exemption from MOT testing.


MOT station are not forced to close although some have chosen to. Our Juke is due for MOT 16th April. Got it booked in for service and MOT on 2nd. If they are still open I’ll have it done. Far simpler to have service and MOT due at the same time of year.

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Unless you are a Key Worker and reliant on your transport, there’s no need to get you car MoT’d and/or serviced at a time when doing so potentially puts everybody that you come into contact with (both at home and at the garage) at risk.

What part of the government’s advice don’t you understand?


Government guidlines don’t clearly define ‘key worker’

Furthermore, some of us can’t work from home, and some can’t live on £94 per week.
Our distribution centre hasn’t closed, I’ve no realistic option but to go to work.

I’ll make best endevours to get my car MOT’d, this relaxing is good in the respect that it gives me a little leeway to do so.

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Mine was due April 18, so I had it done yesterday, hey ho, I could have waited…

Non-key workers still have to use their cars e.g. to go shopping or to medical appointments as per the Government guidance. You can still be prosecuted for driving an unsafe vehicle, but most drivers rely on the MoT or service to identify such issues so I’m not sure how missing an MoT or service is necessarily a good thing. If your car is not being used then that’s fine.

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Government advice is to Stay Home except for essential activities. Getting a car serviced or MoT’d will rarely fall into such a category – unless you drive an ambulance or fire engine. Cars don’t magically become unroadworthy or unsafe overnight.

Getting a car serviced and MoT’d at the current time just because it’s “simpler” is truly reckless endangerment. It puts at risk not just the driver, their family, and everybody who works on the vehicle, but also everybody that they subsequently come into contact with.

The penny really hasn’t dropped yet with some people, but anybody getting anything other than essential repairs performed to their car just now really is a Covidiot.



This was a simple and responsible update to let owners (many who used these cars occasionally and sporadically) know that there was guidance published to confirm MOTs have been extended during the coming months.

It was not a soapbox for pontificating your thoughts or opinions of others during this difficult time.


Had an email from my dealer this afternoon to the effect that they will be closed for sales and all but essential repairs/servicing until further notice.

Sorry, but when people are dying (5 dead out of 35 residents last week in the Care Home where my elderly aunt is resident), and there is very strong guidance from the government on how to behave, then I will continue to call out as an idiot (and worse) anybody who selfishly flouts those rules and puts other peoples’ lives at risk.


i agree with you totally the number of people that are being stupid by trying to carry on has normal is unbelievable.
do people not realise how much danger we are really in (obliviously not )
my car is due for mot may and my friend runs a mot station and i will be going nowhere near.
i work closely with the motor trade and the number of dealerships that are closed has really surprised me.


I am only posting to support the two previous posts, and also refer Countryboy to the previous post in which he couldn’t understand why the NHS and elderly shouldn’t mix outside a hospital facility.
When is the UK population and governement going to wake up to the crisis we all face?
I know several people with CV19, and several more who are trapped in foreign countries with no hope of repatriation.
The only people who will abuse the amended MOT regs, are the people who ignore insurance regs and drive illigaly. We would not, I am sure, let our loved ones or ourselves drive around in unsafe vehicles…MX5 or not !
If you have any doubts about your cars road worthiness please don’t drive it. If you relay soley on a garage to inspect / service / repair your car…don’t use it…walk ! If you can’t walk, get a cab…or get a home delivery ( por sods who have to do that for the minimum wage ).
There are always alternatives…great the governement has relaxed the rules ( two years for an MOT here in France, why should the UK be any different as “we” have only just left the EU ") ?
Lets all pull together…please ???


I read an article today where celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman, better known as “Mr Loophole” says "If your car hasn’t had an MOT because of the six month test exemption you must notify your insurance company – it could affect your premium. Interesting point I hadn’t considered.

see the article here -

I took our only working car for an MOT and check over last week. It wasn’t a glib decision and I confess I agonised over it, but it was the right thing to do. My girlfriend works night shifts at a hospital 40 minutes away, and so we thought it better for her to be in a safe and working vehicle for that purpose. If the car goes, so does a key worker. Our other vehicle, which is in need of work to be safe, is sat scuttled waiting for the end of The Event and will be going nowhere near a garage for now.

I guess what I’m saying is that we are all dealing with difficult decisions in a situation that none of us are in any way prepared for. For every one person playing fast & loose with social isolation rules there are hundreds and hundreds desperately trying to do the right thing. Just as ‘not all disabilities are visible’ so ‘not all circumstances are obvious’ and so whilst we must call out those flouting the guidelines, we must also be aware that we lead infinitely different lives and not everyone is able to socially isolate to the extent that they would like to.

May love and good health be with you all… :yellow_heart: