MOT failed - rusted sills nr seatbelt mounts - any recommendations for a welder in Milton Keynes?

Well, my topic title says it all really.

Any recommendations would be welcome!

You could try World Wide Motors in Newport Pagnell, they have imported a few MX 5s

I have no personal experience of them but have seen a couple of good reports in th MK Owners Club section.

There is also GP Autos on Kiln Farm, run by an ex-Pilling Mazda mechanic - he might be able to recommend someone

Thanks, I’ve actually gone with a recommendation from the place I got the MOT done, it’s a bodyshop nearby called Ro-Fit.  The guy who gave me the quote seemed knowledgeable and helpful.  He gave me two quotes:  

  1. A plate weld that’ll get me through the MOT, £100 each side, inc respraying the sills with stone-chip protector.  

  2. A full ‘proper job’ inc the wheel arches £300 each side PLUS the repair panels (currently ~£105 each from

Sadly I have to take the cheaper option… apart from the cost I’d have to wait too long to get the big job done.


Who knows, the MOT guy could be getting kickbacks from the welder, but at least it’s convenient - the welder will take the car to the MOT place for me.

OK, do let us know how it goes - I’m sure it would be of interest to any local Owners Club/Forum members as to the quality of the work.

Out of interest, which model MX5 do you have, and the age ?

My five has just failed for the same reason.

Think I will be
having a trip from Wolverhampton to MK. My brother works at Seat in MK
and has recommended someone at Aston Martin in Newport Pagnell.


Yeah, that’s what mine looks like (maybe not quite so obvious, there are no actual holes, just bits you could feel could be pushed through with a finger)It’s a  Mk2 S-reg 1.8 Sport

I’ll report back next Friday, once the work is done.

It’s bizarre really, my Jap import Mk1 didn’t have a spot of rust on it,  although it had been in the UK for just as long.  Meanwhile my UK spec Mk2 is (comparatively) a rust bucket :( 

Another point my car failed on was the emissions check - the CO2 was double the allowed value at idle (but passed all the other checks).  I've been told I need a new catalytic converter.  The price seems reasonable at £168, which is pretty much what an after-market cat costs at mx5parts... but should I get someone else to test it?



Ok, I’ve got my car back, MOT’d, and my wallet quite a bit lighter… :frowning:

Anyway, the sill have been plated, and black stone-chip paint applied along the whole sills.  It’s quite a tidy job, so as long as you don’t mind the look of black sills it’s been a good value repair that I’d recommend.

I’ll try and post some pics at some point.

I went to Bob Goulding at Style-Tec Ltd in Bletchly, I’ll highly recommend them to others. I notice they were repairing newish Rolls Royces, which was reassuring when you drive in to any bodyshop.

I have black stonechip too, it has been done so I can have it painted later. He’s done a brillint job. Don’t think it will need filler. £120 for both sides.

I’ll post some photos.


My brother has a Eunos, zero rust on the sills. All Mk2’s seem to rust on the sills, usual cause is blocked drain holes, which my 5 had when I bought it last year.

Wow thats a good job for £120 ! Anyone know of such a garage in Suffolk?