MOT Motorsport Tyre fitting at Prescott

 MOT Motorsport will be at Prescott providing tyre changing services.

Example prices prices for 15" tyres are Kumho KH31, the current Ma5da Racing control tyre, a set of 4 fitted = £192.50

Toyo T1R a set of 4 fitted = £195.00

Track day tyres, Federal RSR a set of 4 fitted = £350

Due to the spread of sizes fitted to MX-5’s and the number of manufactures and compounds there are literally thousands of different options and it is not possible to list them all here or bring them to Prescott.

If you have a specific tyre requirement, please ask or email me at and we will try to sort you out and ensure we have the tyres for the rally. If you don’t ask, I probably won’t have them on the day, there are just too many to cover.  

I try to only recommend tyres that I know work with MX-5’s  

Please find below a current price list for 4 tyres, fitted, balanced, and disposal, including vat.

2 tyres is half the shown amount, a single tyres is one quarter + £5.

This is not an exhaustive list of tyres as that would be about 12 feet long. If you have a particular tyre in mind, please contact me.

I have selected what I think are tyres that work on MX-5’s, there are no Pirelli for instance. Additionally I have included 215 45 17 as an alternative to the 205 45 17 standard MK3 2l tyre. This tyre fits perfectly well on the car and is the size used on the MK3 race cars and offers far more choice at a much better price. You would need to replace as a pair as a minimum, with the wider (new) tyres going on the rear and ideally as all 4. In this size I have also included a budget brand, while I am not a great fan of budget tyres, the Landsail has received good reports.


These are the best prices I can achieve across a range of suppliers and correct at the time of posting. Unfortunately prices do change, much like supermarket offers, and also go out of stock, so please email me for current prices and availability as I can’t bring all these tyres to the rally which would be well over 100 tyres and £40, please contact me.  I will need to take a deposit at time of order.


185 60 14 82H
Bridgestone ER300 £216.30
Dunlop Fast Response £199.94
Yoko A460 - OEM Tyre £259.26
195 50 15 82V
Bridgestone ER300 £210.56
Dunlop Fast Response £222.73
Toyo T1R £183.62
Uniroyal Rain Sport  £225.59
Kumho KH31 £182.68
205 45 16 83W
Bridgestone ER300 £372.43
Goodyear GSD3 £363.93
Uniroyal Rain Sport £332.48
205 50 16 87V
Dunlop Fast Response £400.61
Kumho KH31 £246.95
Michelin PS3 £496.38
Toyo T1R £304.06
205 45 17 84W
Bridgestone RE040 £527.28
205 45 17 88W
Kumho KU39 £286.50
Conti SPT 2 £498.85
Toyo T1R £353.50
Germax £213.83
Landsail £210.12
215 45 17 W/Y
Bridgestone RE050 87W £448.32
Dunlop Sport Maxx £432.06
Kumho KU39 91Y £289.22
Toyo Proxy 4 £351.02
Toyo T1R £351.02
Toyo T1Sport £346.08
205 40 18 W/Y
Bridgestone RE050 XL 92Y £443.87
Proxy 4 £474.62