MOT Oulton Park Trackday - 13th of November

Anyone on here getting ready for the MOT track day at Oulton Park on the 13th of November? That looks like it’s going to be my next and only remaining chance to drive the car this year so I for one am hoping that it;

A) doesn’t get cancelled due to Covid and,
B) its nice and dry all day so we can go as fast as possible!

A lot to ask for in the current climate, but there’s always hope! Anyway, i’m just excited about it so I thought i’d try to find out who’s going.

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Me! :joy:

Yes Bruce mate! Looking forward to getting in your wheel tracks and trying to keep up! :crazy_face:

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Sadly, no chance to get car on track, but would like to go spectate.
Has guidance been sent regarding who can get into the circuit on the day?
I have feeling it will be “only drivers allowed”???
If you could let me know, I’d appreciate it.

Cheers, Tim

Hi Tim, if it’s still the same by then as it has been recently then it will be a no! I’m sure @NickD will confirm the current stand and guidelines. That said, this is a while off yet so anything could happen by then!

Bru :+1:

Hi Tim, I was just typing more or less exactly what Bruce said so I won’t say that again. Sorry to hear your car’s off the road. Come over and say hello if restrictions are lifted and you can make it on the day :+1:

Current requirements, which I do not see changing are:-

Passengers are allowed if from the same household or support bubble. The definition of a passenger is someone sitting in the passenger seat. So that excludes “mates” or the driver three garages up that has a really nice car.

Extra drivers are allowed, but the car must be sanitised between each driver. and a maximum of 2 This means using an antiviral cleaner on the touch surfaces. Again, even if you are sharing the car, it does not mean you can both be in it together if you do not fit the passenger criteria.

You can have essential support crew, meaning people needed to run your car, but proper (and well documented) social distancing must happen which means face masks, properly worn in all areas where 2m distance can not be maintained. Essential support crew does not mean a bus full.

There are no spectators, which sort of by definition is someone wandering round lots of places.

Tuition is now allowed, but instructors must be ARDS licenced, so again, not your mate, and at all times while in the car face coverings must be worn correctly, not like the dickhead I had in car at Silverstone on Saturday that thought that as soon as he was in the pit lane he could pull his balaclava down to talk to me. Again, touch surfaces, should be cleaned before hand.

I am aware of various opinions on social media driving groups who think it is all pointless and even those who suggest ways around this. Someone asking recently to book their excess additional drivers with other people who didn’t have additional drivers.
We take it seriously, as do MSV, who are Covid Secure venues and so are policing this properly.


Thanks Nick,

I’m not living with Bru or J_S, couldn’t pretend to be essential support crew due to my lack of MX knowledge, will never have required talent to gain an ARDS licence, but I can wear a facemask faultlessly - :smile:

Safe to say I’ll stay at home, but wish you guys all the very best for an excellent day’s tracktime - stay safe in all ways.

Cheers, Tim


Yeah, I’m in and really looking forward to it.

As for getting ready. I’m well up the ladder with that too.
Spare set of wheels and skins, brake pads and fluid changed, newer shocks and springs all round, new anti-roll bars and adjustable drop links as required. Gear shift turret oil sorted.
Engine oil to change the week before and I really can’t think of anything else to do.
4k action camera purchased in anticipation. Got to work on the mounting position next…
Hope that keeps your already wet appetite wetter hahaha

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New to the club and maybe struggling with navigating the web site, where are the details for the track day at Oulton Park on the 13th of November please? Thanks, Peter

@peterwbaker I found the location to book the track day here; @NickD if i haven’t got this right please let me know and i’ll delete this post to prevent confusion.

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@reggie747 now we’re talking! Sounds like you’ve got plenty of upgrades on the car and its going to be a proper session to test all that out. All that should make quite an improvement to the experience

I think the work that @Mike_88 has got to get through before then is;

  • Get the new spoiler fitted
  • See if we can sort out some brake bias control ( there’s another thread going on about that somewhere)
  • check a few bits that seemed to be coming a bit loose in Blyton last week
  • Tac on a new bar to mount the Go-Pro to try to resolve the shakey camera issues.
  • See if we can get the speedo working again?! (This may be a lost cause by the looks of it)

Meanwhile, i’ll be busy thinking about how many more stickers I can buy and pestering people for tips on how to reduce the gap between my level of driving talent and the cars true limit!

What action Camera are you running? We usually use a GoPro Hero 4 but I borrowed my mates Hero 8 for our last trip and the picture is substantially better so I may have to invest. Got to sort out the mounting position first though as we’re currently mounting the camera off the top of the roll bar with a Go-pro mounting bracket and there’s way too much play in it. The video’s are far too shaky for my liking.

Yes boss will do boss I’ll get on to it right away boss, and I’m still shaking the tree boss​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wounded if they’ll cancel slaves attending, I could do with a day off​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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You love it. Stop faffing around with hanging curtains or whatever it is you’re doing and get on with the important stuff! :crazy_face: :+1:

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