MOT trackday 15th November

Hi all,

planning our third return to Oulton Park for another great trackday with Mazda On Track, and unfortunately Mrs. Toolman has “tidied” away my last copy of STHT with the contact details for the trackday discount we get with the OC And I can’t find the latest mag to download on this site??

Could someone please advise the contact details so that I can see if there are any discount places available 

If you’re thinking of giving a trackday a go - this is the one to do, great circuit for the Mx and Nick runs a pretty tight ship, with plenty of track time (open pit lane so you go out when you want - no "classification) good instructors and a limited amount of cars so you never feel like you’re just a mobile chicane for everyone else 




Send your name, address and membership number and the event you’re wanting to attend.

See you at OP in November