MOT Trackday 7th May at Croft circuit: SOLD OUT

Quite a few of us have already booked into this trackday in our MX5s:

I was told it was 1/3 booked yesterday (4th March).
This isn’t anything official or an exclusive MX5 event.
It would be good to see more MX5s there :smiley:

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I’m already booked on in my standard grey NC. Looking forward to it, I love Croft - and it’s only half an hour from my house, it’s rude not to!

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Forgive my ignorance. You obviously know that track days will be permitted by 7th May.
Is this under the auspices of outdoor sporting activities being allowed from 29th March?

Tricky to work out isn’t it? I was working on the premise that the stay at home order is lifted at the end of March - and that non-essential retail like pubs, hairdressers etc can open on the 12th of March. I know that none of the dates are set in stone but I enjoyed a great, well organised and Covid secure trackday at Croft at the end of Aug last year with the owners club and the Lotus 7 owners club so assumed it would be a similar safe format.

Well, it is not that tricky, if everything goes to time table, on the 29th March, the stay at home order will be lifted and outdoor sporting venues can open. On the 12th April you can get your hair cut so your helmet will fit on your head.



I’m booked on too :slight_smile:

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Fully booked up now!
I wonder how many are MX5s…

Anyone booked a garage?
We were too late for one.

I’m too tight to pay for a garage!

Lol me too, gambling on the weather being good!