Mother in Law

I was really hoping to attend the National Rally at Ragley Hall this September as its on my doorstep.

My problem is this… Its my Mother in Laws 70th Birthday. 

I’m looking for ‘best Mother in Law excuses’ to enable me to escape to Ragley Hall…

Err,  don’t think you need any excuses. It’s your wife’s mother’s 70th birthday and if you have any respect for either of them, you need to be there.

There’ll be lots of other National and Spring rallies, but no one knows how many ‘big’ birthdays they have left to them.

Pious, boring, but true. Ask me how I know.


Hold the birthday celebrations at Ragley Hall, job done… 

Take your MIL as your +1 - tell her it’s a special birthday treat!(surprise)

Tell them you HAVE to go because you promised to take your mistress and you hadn’t realised the events clashed, and you know that they are very understanding.

This may sound a bit harsh but, IT’S YOUR LIFE, DO WHAT YOU WANT!
It depresses me when i hear ‘blokes’ saying “the wife has given me permission to…”

Sack the wife, no more mother in law then you can go to any shows you like … Hope my wife is not reading this!

Some families are close, some less so.

My wife and I have open discussions. Not asking permission for anything but coming to joint decisions.

When we married our two families became one. You can never have too many loving family members around you (IMHO).

If you are close to your mother in law she may be more than happy to celebrate her birthday on a different day. Of course if there is a big celebration planned for the day and it clashes then you may well feel you need to be there.

I’m guessing you may well be asking the question tongue in cheek anyway.

Only you really know the answer.




Take your MIL as your +1 - tell her it’s a special birthday treat!(surprise)


Your Lucky able to talk about your MIL. If I do there’s A flash and puff of Smoke and she strikes me with her Broomstick

Simple solution, unless your Mother in law lives mile away, attend the rally early and as others do - leave early (between 1 and 2), and make sure you have some flowers with you. The rally is over, more or less, at 3pm so you won’t miss anything, other than prize giving. I assume she expects you both for tea, rather than dinner, so she won’t know where you’ve been.

If your wife is car compatible, (mine isn’t) take her to the rally, and she will keep an eye on the time! Talk it over with her, in case she isn’t compatible, and if you have a mobile she can ring you if patience is not her virtue.



“If it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it. It is much easier to apologize than it is to get permission.”