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Hi, I have moved home, how do I change my address on my account please? Many thanks.

On top right click your id icon ‘N’ in your case.

You should then be able to see a further four grey icons.

Click on the head and shouldfer prefereces icon on the right which will take you to your profile page.

On the left there should now be a list of options.

Click ‘Profile’ and scroll down and you should find your location in a box with a blue border.

Click in the box highlight the text and delete.

Type in your new location.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and save.

Hope that helps.

Send an email to

Art_Tidesco’s answer will only change your location on the Forum. To change your membership address you can of course, like IanH suggests, email Membership and Denise will update it for you, but you can do this yourself.

Navigate back to the main home page ( and ensure you are logged in (use the link on the right of the menu bar). Hover over the Membership option in the menu bar and select the Profile option. From there you can now update your address. Incidentally, on the Area tab you can also change your Primary Area, so if you are moving to a different OC area you can update it here, or also add in other areas to receive their newsletters if you are on a border.

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Thank you, all sorted.

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