MSA Bluebook / HSA Hillclimb

I have been meaning to attend a HSA Hillclimb event and ask these questions in person. We (my wife and I) are looking to take our first steps into motorsport. The MX5 Class A2.1 seems to be an ideal starting point, once we find a suitable vehicle.

I have read the Bluebook a couple of times and would appreciate some advice about the requirements and more specifically the intention of the requirements. I also read on Bob’s blog that the louvred headlamp cover was not acceptable, which has confused me. The Bluebook states that wheel arch extensions and bonnet louvres are permitted provided the silhouette remains unchanged. I ask, as I don’t want to be caught out by some regulation.

I appreciate that this is a road-going production class though it does appear that some modifications are permitted, such as alloy wheels and replacement suspension (providing that the suspension configuration remains “standard”). I am also mindful of the MX5 rolling so will be investing in a suitable roll-bar / roll-cage.

What about the exhaust (would a stainless steel system be considered a performance enhancing modification)? I couldn’t find anything other than the engine must remain pretty much untouched. Also the Bluebook states that the gearbox and differential casing must be of the original type and material and remain in their original position, does this give me licence to replace the internals (gear / final drive ratios)?  I would prefer to have a hardtop on the car as it will be my (almost) daily driver then remove the hardtop from the car for the event. Therefore I would like to remove the soft top, is there a view on the use of a removable hardtop in place of the soft top? As far as I can see it will not be a problem as the silhouette remains unchanged.

As a complete newbie (and my first post Big Smile), I apologise if this not the most appropriate forum to ask this questions, any advice would be welcome. Is there any place to have the MSA Bluebook queries resolved or a “Bluebook for dummies” guide?


If you can, the best thing is to find a MSA scrutineer and ask them. Things change and what is needed and not changes. To tell the turth for the first few races/spring it will not mater what class your car is in as unless you are an ex-racing driver, so like the rest of us you will be letting the car down, rather than the other way around.This will give you a chance to make any changes that are reqested between sprints and not do any thing you do not need to.

Also as you get to know other drivers thay are often very good at helping as well. I think we often go for the chat insted of the race :slight_smile:

Safty is the only thing you need to be 100% on before you take you car down to the track.