MX 5 1998 Mk 2 1.8 BRG

  1. The car I’m offering for sale is an 1998 Mk 2 1.8 BRG
  2. The car is located near Cannock
  3. The price is [£999.]
  4. General information and history.
    .For Sale - Mazda MX 5 Mk 2 (1.8 ltr) NB in British Racing Green. Registered 1999
    This car has been owned by me for approximately two years. In my time of ownership I have done the following:
    Replaced both front brake calipers
    Front brake discs.
    Brake pads front and rear.
    New radiator.
    New rear tyres (Yokohamas)
    Fit leather seats which look so much better (heated but not been wired in)
    Routine oil and plugs when I first bought it.

MOT as of 30/1/22

An MOT history check will show there has not been many miles added to this car in my ownership and so all the tyres and brake pads have plenty of wear left on them. There is a tonneau cover for when the roof is down which makes it look much neater.

The are the usual scuffs for a car this age and there is a small amount of corrosion appearing on the offside rear wheel arch but this has not gone through. The hood was also repaired at some point by a previous owner.(it does not leak) The alloys have been painted black (these could do with another paint in places) which look great with the BRG colour of the car.

Most importantly the car starts and drives really well and is planted to the road in bends with the fun factor and smile on your face one would expect from these fantastic little cars.

It is a great car and I am only selling as I have bought a newer MX 5, the NC.

Photos form part of the evidence of condition.

I reserve the right to cancel this advert as it will be advertised elsewhere or I may keep instead of the NC.

Photos to follow when on home pc.
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