MX-5 Autumn Meet 20th September 2020

The Lost Rally

2020 was looking like near certain to be a write off event wise. However, some changes to restrictions in July presented an opportunity to try to potentially make use of venues that could operate after assessment. Safety is something we take very seriously and while we are unable to offer a Rally as we would normally, we can now offer an enjoyable and engaging and importantly, safe day out for MX-5 owners, utilising an entire day of British Motor Museum’s allocation of tickets.

The Museum has been an excellent backdrop to many of our events, it’s centrally located, well serviced and provides an all weather venue, that has proved popular with members. We have worked extensively with them over the last decade and with this arrangement we are acquiring all of their allocated tickets for the 20th September - they will provide MX-5 Owners the space and facility for a gathering that is within the regulations and under their regulations for visitors to the Museum.
We are also keen to return to them our support in this challenging time.

Of course the rally was there last year, but with the same numbers being unlikely this year, along with limited safe capacity, they can manage about 400 vehicles and we understand completely there will be those who don’t want to come and this is wholly understood for whatever reason be it covid or because of last year. This is not an ordinary year and this is not an ordinary arrangement but we’d like to try to make it a special day out.

The Club will support members with a reduced ticket price and a unique and limited edition complimentary Autumn Meet commemorative gift pack with T-shirt and car sticker . As this is not our event a ticket charge needs to be made for the day, we cant make our usual arrangements for hire, but we do want to give members back something in return and a unique memento for those that do come.

Packs will only be available to Club members who attend and collect on the day. Members must add their T-shirt sizes to their ticket order on the website. Please note: Covid regulations mean T-shirts will not be exchangeable on the day and we ask that members please specify your size when ordering (if in doubt go one size up). A reduced Club shop will be attending, they will have a limited number also available to purchase on the day.

Because the capacity of the Museum and grounds is limited - tickets will be available on first come basis (a portion of the tickets will be held back until the publication of Soft Top Hardtop, which has been delayed by Covid) All Tickets must be pre-booked online in advance the capacity of the museum is strictly limited. All tickets for the day are per person, not per vehicle . There will be no access on the day without a ticket and no tickets will be available at the gate, you will be turned away. Tickets are only refundable in circumstance of event cancellation. Please book early to avoid disappointment .

Tickets available here


Take care with the ticketing ordering. The first box is for non-members, I have just accidentally bought two non-members tickets - despite this it has allowed me to select 2 “free” shirts. £4 less spending money on the day(:

I ballsed up but in a different way - I got the correct ticket but completely forgot to select a shirt!!


Have you tried just ordering the shirt separately? It doesn’t seem too fussy…

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Seems to have worked! Cheers!

I’m in will by my first ever MX5 event looking forward to it…


J, Did you get 4 tickets or just 2. You get 2 entry tickets and 2 tickets to exchange for your tshirts. Worth checking now to avoid disappointment on the day.

All tickets ordered and Days Inn booked for the weekend :+1: looking forward to return trip to the BMM and actually see some of it this time.

Good point, thanks - they did arrive attached to the email and on the eventbrite app.

I ordered myself ticket yesterday as a member and there was No section for selecting T shirt or size is there any way this can be corrected I would like 2XL please…

Order on the ticket page please.

Scroll below tickets.

I did order on this page but you could NOT select the commemorative T shirt pack … but thanks for posting …

Go back and scroll down to select your T-shirt which should then show a cost of £0.
You’ll get a searate ticket for it.

Ordered 2 tickets and then ordered one T-shirt after as I didn’t spot it 1st time - you need to scroll down for the Shirts!

It’ll make me get my 5 all back together after stripping down for rustproofing and other work!

Looking forward to it.

Can you go without a ticket if you don’t want to go in the museum ?

Hi Stephen
Quote from Iains post at top of this thread…
There will be no access on the day without a ticket, and no tickets will be available at the gate, you will be turned away.

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As I understand it, the club has exclusive access to the museum. Due to Sars-Cov-2, there is a strict limit on numbers, so that people can be safely accomodated. Whether you choose to go into museum or not is up to you, but you are using their carpark. I think there is a moral imperative to support the museum through these times.

Buying a ticket ensures that the museum can be safely opened.

Question is, with the numbers being lower than recent national rallys, will it feel like the old days, when we thought 400 was a terrific turnout? Will the cars attending all be accomodated in the main carpark at the front of the museum, or are they being spead out to the overflow carparks?

I suspect there won’t be any traders as such, so it will be an opportunity to spend more time looking at members’ cars.

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Its my first ever meet, am hoping some stalls might be there. Mx5parts etc. I’m thinking of an exhaust pgrade so was hoping to see what was available.

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Me too, sent an email to club and they forwarded it to the organiser

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You can just do a separate order for the shirt - still free, just will be separate to your entry ticked. It’s what I did :slight_smile: