MX-5 Autumn Meet 20th September 2020

Me too, sent an email to club and they forwarded it to the organiser

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You can just do a separate order for the shirt - still free, just will be separate to your entry ticked. It’s what I did :slight_smile:

I assume this event will be cancelled after hearing on the news tonight that social gatherings of more than 6 people both indoors and outdoors will be illegal as from Monday 14th September :frowning_face:

I’ve assumed the same. :frowning_face:

As per @iainf’s request, I’ve cleared my previous post in order not to speculate.

I shall rather just keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to attend my first MX5 OC meet - I’m sure the organisers will be doing all they can to ensure our safety takes priority.

Best to all :slight_smile:

The more I go over this new ruling, the more I am starting to think that the Autumn Meet might still go ahead as planned. Reason being that before this latest ‘clampdown’, the rule was a limit of 30 people being allowed to socially gather indoors and outdoors, so if the Owners Club was allowed to go ahead and organise the meet under those circumstances, then a reduction down to 6 people should have no effect…or am I missing something obvious here 🤔?


Please do not speculate or assume anything at the moment.
At this time there has been no guidance published to support the announcement yet, as soon as this can be accessed we can look at how this may impact the day.

It is important to outline that the 20th centres on access to the Museum, the Club arranged with them access to their separately assessed allocation of visitor tickets to be exclusive for MX-5 Owners on that day - it is not a Club Rally as we would normally undertake. It is heavily restricted, we are facilitating and supporting members to get out in their cars to visit the museum that day, with a modest discount on their ticket price and return of small gift for those who do manage to come along

How the new law apply to museums and similar venues who are operating within the Covid guidelines and assessment are yet to be seen.

As soon as there is some clarity on this issue we will update what this may mean.


Same for me. :frowning:

To Iain or anyone else in the club who may be able to help - I purchased my ticket more or less as soon as the event was announced however despite choosing an member’s ticket I was given no option to choose a t-shirt (it did say I would be able to). Is there any way to still do this now that I have the ticket as the event website is no longer showing any ability to book as it’s sold out. Not the end of the world but I’ll be a bit miffed to have paid for a ticket and gift and then not get it.

Also, notwithstanding the ever changing rules on gatherings etc, I’ve neither received nor seen any further details about how things will work on the day. Can we expect some form of communication ahead of the event? I rarely come on the forum these days so hopefully attendees will be notified by email.

Don’t worry to much it looks like it’s been cancelled read it some were said refunds would be given but the committee will let you know…

Sadly I have just looked at the national rally website and does indeed say event is cancelled.

Was really looking forward to this too.

Big thank you anyway to all those involved in organising the show. Any chance we can still get our T shirts as a memento of the show that never happened show?

No the T-shirts did not go into production today, but there are some caps on the way for the now “really” Lost Rally…

I’ve just received the email regarding the cancellation.

Whilst I’m very disappointed that my first mx5 meet won’t happen, I completely understand that it’s in the best interest of all or our health.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all involved in trying to give us a meet - I’m just sorry that your hard work won’t be rewarded.

Many Thanks to all :slight_smile:


Got my tickets refunded already, that was fast

That’s a shame. According to its website, the museum will be open. Perhaps just not for 400 people.

Guess it was inevitable really. Got my refund so nothing lost I suppose. It does make you wonder if/when there will be another big gathering…

Thanks to all those who made the effort to arrange this. You tried, that’s the main thing - and it gave us all something to look forward to. Rather safe than sorry though - and AMAZINGLY quick with the refund! I was notified in consecutive emails that it would be sorted - and then that it had been. Great stuff!


We have had our tickets refunded already, thank you MX5 OC for the very quick service…

We’ve also had our money refunded. Many thanks for the prompt action and also big thanks to all involved in the organising of the event. Here’s looking forward to happier times.

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So we now get an email offering tickets for the museum that is open on the 20th Sept :thinking: