MX-5 Mk1 BBR

Does anyone own an MK1 BBR turbo, would be interested in having a chat about the car’s characteristics and owner’s thoughts?

please message me

I have a Lemans with the BBR kit but its been slightly modified (ecu/injectors/intercooler)
The cars original characteristics have changed so unsure that my opinion would count.
I do remember in standard format with the original BBR kit it had a nice smooth power delivery but lacked any real excitement.



You have a lovely car…looks stunning.

I have an early 1.6 Eunos and was wondering about power delivery. Is this upgrade in power worth while.

Someone described it to me as feeling like driving a 2 litre. I was interested about how the power is delivered. Sounds like from what you are saying it is pretty linear.

I was also wondering about how it sounds too?

Probably best to do some forum searches based around MK1 turbo builds to get more clarity on whats required to do this right.
Years ago when I was modding mx5s the BBR cars were much smoother than say the HKS kits at around 6psi FM kits were a totally different animal.
Im not sure these days its actually worth the cost as most kits are up to 4k with engine management.
Sound wise I suppose is exhaust dependent.
Originally mine did not sound much different to a standard car but now with 14psi and performance exhaust it sounds a bit like a jet engine roar (more like air rushing than exhaust note)
In response to it feels a bit like a 2lt I always felt the torque and smooth delivery of power on the BBR made it feel like a v6

I have a eunos 1.6 turbo automatic . It’s a garrett GT2554R which is a ball bearing turbo so spools very fast. On boost from 2000rpm. 178bhp at the wheels. 210 at crank.
0-60 in about 5.5 seconds.