MX-5 Mk4 ND Reversing Camera Kits For Sale £64.98 inc P&P

The kit arrived promptly and well-packaged.
The step-by-step are very useful indeed for a ‘trim-removal newbie’ like me they are essential.
Initially the car didn’t recognise the camera however this was covered in the instructions and disconnecting and reconnecting the battery solved the issue.
I spent about four happy hours (very cautiously) fitting the camera and also improving my dashcam install.
Like John M I have a clip left over from the boot carpet removal!

The camera is a true asset that I’m delighted to have, thanks Roadie.


Finally got around to fitting the camera this weekend.
Very clear instructions and easy to follow.
No pics of install and not had time to test it properly, but it works fine and clear picture on the screen.

Great to know you are happy with the kit and that you found the instructions good. One question I’m asked often is how long it takes to fit. Previous customers have said anything from just under an hour to four hours. Would be good to get your take on it.

Took about 3 hours but i was fitting another part as well, which only took about 1/2 hour after i had taken the dash apart.

Fitted mine today, had a reverse camera on my previous ND. Trombone brush (hood drain cleaning) came in handy for pulling cables. Pictures show how manky the car is already…  

Still a slightly odd feeling pulling a 2 week old car apart and drilling holes in it… instructions provided are excellent, last time round I used the video from one of the other suppliers of this type of accessory.

I did have to disconnect the battery to activate the camera.

Only difference I note in this car is the reverse sensor display overlay in the top right of the screen (last image)

Thanks for the great review Ian. Always nice to know it went well. I like the reversing sensor overlay on the screen. I do have to say though that this isn’t a feature of my kit. I presume this must be a change that came in on the 2019 model and will be a feature of the MZD. Don’t want anybody complaining that theirs doesn’t do it, mine doesn’t either!

Going to be at he rally at Gaydon Sunday 15th and will have some kits with me. If anybody wants one without the postage charges then drop me a text or give me a call on the day.


Received my kit very promptly and following the instructions carefully managed to install in about 2 hours.  The view is quite low but that’s exactly where you need it for low walls etc. Very pleased with the result.

I approached the removal of the first window pillar very carefully as I was unsure of how strongly to pull or in which direction.  Once off though and I had a feel for the strength (and robustness) of the clips the rest of the interior removals were easy - it was a bit like lego as described in the instructions.

Getting the cable through to the boot from behind the seat was the trickiest bit for me.  The existing wiring room seemed to take up all the space available.  In the end, I pushed a bare rod through first, attached the cables to it with tape and then pulled through from the boot.

All in all an excellent kit, firmly recommended.  




(managed to figure out how to post pictures!)

Thanks Adam, good to hear it went well.

Looking at your screen image there is a reversing sensor image top right on the screen. This is overlaid in the image by the MZD unit in the later model cars. It isn’t a function of my kit. I don’t have this on my 2015 ND.

Fitting my kit to a car that doesn’t have on screen sensor display won’t add this feature. Still great to see that the two systems work well together.

Thanks for your review.

You are not alone in having difficulty getting the cable through from cabin to boot, everybody does. However I’ve sold around 50 kits and everyone has succeeded so far. If anybody does fail I’ll give them a full refund and promise not to name names!

Hi Paul
I am interested in purchasing a camera kit for my newly acquired 2018 Sport Nav. I part exchanged a 2015 ND to which I fitted a camera from MX5 Parts, but this was left on. I have also fitted 2 of your kits to friends cars so I am familiar with how to fit them, especially following your excellent instructions. I now need to purchase a kit for this latest one. Please pm or call me.
My contact number is 07779492666.
Roy Chamberlain ( Kford Mazda )

Thanks for the feedback on my kits and instructions. Always good to hear. Will PM you with details on purchasing.

Plenty of kits available. Ideal bit of fettling to do while social distancing. All most of us can do at the moment is drive our cars up and down our drives or in and out of the garage. Why not see while you are going in reverse!

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Interested, what does PM stand for? I’m going to read the instructions and go through a dummy run of stripping back the interior where required.


PM is private message. Not wise to give out e-mail, bank account or PayPal details on an open forum. Opens you up for spam e-mails and fraud. If like many people you are struggling with the new forum my e-mail is in the picture below.

Hi Roadie, will I need to use some double sided tape with hole in middle to fit the camera as shown on other camera kits? Not sure if the tape is there to fix the camera in position or to act as gasket to prevent water ingress. Would it be easy to remove the camera from the bumper if it needed replacing in the future.

You have come up with the only two reasons I can come up with for the double sided tape for fitting the camera in to the bumper. Now here’s why neither of them holds water.

Firstly fixing it in position. The serrated metal fitting on the camera really grips the bumper well. Takes a good push to get it into place. My prototype has been fitted in my car since before I started selling the kits. I’ve sold around 70 kits and nobody has ever reported one coming loose.

Secondly providing a water tight seal. Yes it would but the back of the bumper is open to the elements anyway. If you are flexible enough and can reach up behind the bumper you will be able to feel the back of the number plate lights and the area where the camera fits.

I suspect that the cameras used in the other kits you refer to are also used in other models where they are fitted into a tailgate. In this situation a watertight seal may be preferable.

I have had a small number of cameras go faulty. If this happens just let me know and I’ll send a replacement. No silly terms and conditions like sending the old one back for testing first. I always look after my friends. If you’ve got an MX-5 you fall into that category.


Thank you Roadie for your detailed quick reply. I will arrange money transfer and email you my delivery details. How would you recommend removing the camera once fitted,if required.

Slightly off topic but I found the camera easy to fit. A year on and it’s been entirely fault free. I feel quite vulnerable manoeuvring other cars that don’t have a camera.
I have no hesitation in recommending Paul and his kit.

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I’ll PM you payment details. Don’t know why you would want to remove the kit but it would be a reverse of fitting procedure. Would just need a grommet to cover the hole but it’s only visible from below anyway. If you are swapping cars I would just leave it as a selling point.