MX-5 Mk4 ND Reversing Camera Kits *** No longer available ****

Sorry everyone but I’ve stopped doing these kits now. Wind blockers and LED boot light strips keeping me very busy.

I can recommend the kit sold by MX5 Parts as an alternative. However you may find it useful to download my instruction sheet which is still available here -

I now have reversing camera kits for sale which integrate with the MZD Connect display in the car. These are now listed on eBay at £69.99 plus £4.99 P&P. I am making them available on the forum for £59.99 plus £4.99 P&P. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal. If you would like to purchase please drop me a PM.

If you have any questions you can ask me via PM or if it’s a general question regarding the kit or the fitting process then feel free to post on this thread as others might be thinking of the same question!


Reversing Camera Kit for Mazda MX-5 Mk4 ND with MZD Connect Display
2015 - 2018 models, SE-L & Sport, with or without navigation, Soft top and RF retractable fastback models
This system has been designed by myself to integrate with the built in screen of the MZD Connect system of the Mazda MX-5 Mk4. I have fitted the prototype to my own car and it works beautifully. All kits are assembled and tested personally before dispatch. I use a test rig which replicates the connector, power supply and video input of the MZD Connect touch screen unit. The kit is plug and play with no cutting or splicing of the vehicle wiring.
This kit is not suitable for the SE model without the touch screen display.
While the kit should work on any MX-5 described above the instructions provided are relevant to the UK market right hand drive car and the kit has only been tested on the same.
The kit can be self installed using only simple tools. There are only two studs or bolts to remove and replace and one hole to drill with the supplied drill bit for mounting the camera. Everything else clips together. The connection to the display is made using a multi-pin adapter which goes between the display unit and the vehicle wiring loom. There are various panels and carpet sections to remove and replace but this is relatively simple using the supplied instructions with pictures to guide you. The prototype took me around an hour and a half to install but that included taking photographs and making notes to produce the instructions. I would allow around a couple of hours to do the job but fingers crossed the second hour will be spent admiring your handy work and boasting to everyone around how clever you are.
Please read ALL of the text below in red before purchase.
I would very much appreciate it if you would read the instructions BEFORE purchase. If on purchasing you do not feel confident to install the kit and wish to return it you will be responsible for postage both ways.The full purchase price is refundable but not the postage costs. The instructions are available on this link -
The seller and selling channel accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your person, your vehicle, your property, or any third party as a result of you not following any advice offered within the instructions or by poor workmanship. Any work you do to your car is entirely your own responsibility. If in doubt, you should seek technical advice from an independent, qualified person who has seen your car.
Please note. This camera will not make you invincible! It is not a replacement for the use of mirrors,  reversing sensor warning sound and use of common sense. Due to the wide angle (170 degrees) camera any obstruction may be closer than it appears.
As the camera used in this kit is a generic model and is mounted low down on the car the side lines on the display do not align with the sides of the vehicle. They will be inset from the vehicle sides. This is in common with other aftermarket kits. To the best of my knowledge the cheapest available kit with display lines which line up with the vehicle is around £250.
In the unlikely event that any part of the kit does prove faulty then obviously an exchange will be provided at no cost or a refund given. Please note that if the instructions are followed you will be able to test the system fully before drilling the hole in the bumper.
You don't have to read this paragraph but it may save you time and money if you decide to try a cheaper option. Do not be fooled by universal kits which may say 'fits MX-5'. If the lead to the head unit only has an RCA phono type plug on the end it will not fit the MZD Connect. Even if you find a suitable multi way adapter lead be aware that the MZD Connect only supplies 6 volts on the camera power output. Most aftermarket cameras are designed to work on 12 volts and will more than likely not work on the 6 volt supply. Many sellers suggest powering the camera from the reversing light. If you do this the camera will not be recognised by the MZD Connect. My kit has a module built into the adapter which enables the supplied camera to work with the MZD Connect. I test all adapters, cameras and complete kits with voltages above and below the specified voltage limits of the MZD connect so both I and you know that it will work on your vehicle. I have also operated a test camera submerged in water for over an hour to check that they are waterproof and left it in a deep freeze for over an hour to check for any internal condensation problems. Both tests caused no problems with operation. The test camera is now fitted to my own car and continues to function perfectly.
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See PM

Had an inquiry about whether my kit is suitable for the Mazda 3 with MZD Connect. The simple answer is no. The 3 has the power and video connections already through to the tailgate. It still needs an adapter to connect but it’s a different one to the MX-5.

If I get enough requests for the Mazda 3 or any other Mazdas with the MZD Connect I might consider making kits for them but I would need a local guinea pig for measuring and checking and then fitting the prototype. For now I’ll stick to the MX-5.

Keep the questions coming.



Paul, Can bring the Mazda 3 to you if you want to experiment.

Will PM you.

I do still have kits available. Go on, buy your ND a Christmas present!

Hi would like to buy a kit please.

Can you send bank details please.

C Matthews,

15 Augustan Close,



South Wales.

NP18 3DJ.


Hi Clive

PM sent

I would edit your post to remove your phone number and e-mail address. Not good to post these on an open forum as the spam bots will come to get you.


Hi Paul,

I just wanted to say I installed your camera kit to my ND Sport Nav over Christmas and all is working perfectly! Below are some pictures of the finished product!

The instructions were clear and comprehensive and installation was straightforward, mainly due to the instructions but also because the MK4 seems to be straightforward to disassemble (parts largely just clip together with clips that don’t break when you take them off!).

View from the camera and quality of the image is very good, at least as good as OEM cameras I’ve used, and the camera is near invisible above the number plate.

As mentioned the only thing to watch is the lines on the screen that do sit board from the sides of the car, but I’ve got used to it now, and it isn‘t causing me any issues.

Well worth the money! 


Thanks David.

As you say, once you know where the clips are and which order to take things apart it’s all pretty straightforward.

At least I warn people about the guidelines being out before they buy, not everyone does!

Great to know that it all went well and you are pleased with the results.

Pictures look good, only one more thing that needs doing, Your gravel drive needs raking!




:slight_smile: You’re right, that does need raking! Luckily it’s not mine - its the car park where I take the lad swimming. I did take some of the camera itself there too, but the car was so dirty it was embarrassing so I washed it when I got home and took them again!


Still need to fit mine, hopefully will be able to do it soon

I’ve had some great feedback on the kits sold so far. I’ve just made up a new batch and surprisingly I’m currently purchasing parts cheaper than when I started and as I’ve progressed the time taken to put everything together and test has dropped. I’d like to up my sales if possible so have dropped the price by a tenner both on eBay and here. Hopefully that will make the decision to purchase a little easier for those that have been deliberating.

Hi Paul,

Do you still have kits available? 



Yup. Kits still available. I have them made up for next working day dispatch. If you want one then PM me for payment details.

My camera kit arrived this morning, and when the sun came out this afternoon I decided to fit it.

I hate messing about with trim, that’s not going to change, but I didn’t break anything and it has all gone back together OK.  And the camera works of course, although I didn’t have time to play after the installation was finished as I’d run out of daylight. It took me me nearly four hours but that included searching for stuff I needed, properly concealing a dashcam power cable at the same time, and a fair bit of contemplating.  I confess I also had to remove and replace the dashboard parts twice as I forgot to replace the screw that holds the MZD in place the first time I put it back together.  It was a lot quicker the second time, needless to say.

The instructions are detailed and accurate, but crucially are specific to the MX-5 which made the trim removal so much easier than it would have been otherwise - although I took a long time over it, it wasn’t difficult.

I have one trim clip left over, no chance of finding where that goes in twilight so I’ll have a look tomorrow - I suspect the boot carpet.

Thanks Roadie - good kit, good instructions and very prompt delivery.

Thanks John. Always good to hear it went well. Got to fit my dash cam too so I’m going to be diving back into the trim this weekend.

Hi Paul.  PM sent.


Hi Paul,
I’ve PM’d you