MX-5 Owners Club at the 2022 Donington Historic Festival

The Club will be exhibiting at the Donington Historic Festival 30th April - 1st May 2022.

Members can take advantage of the 50% discount on tickets - as well as enjoy an additional, Early Bird discounts which apply until 30 January 2022. After that you can still receive 50% discount on all advance ticket purchases.

Car club ticket bookings for those bringing a display car MUST be made before 5pm on Tuesday, 19 April 2022.

To find out how to book your Member tickets

Click here (link)


Hello Iain
I clicked but there is no mention of how to buy tickets
I fancy this event in 2022 rather than the Silverstone Classic.
I guess the info will be available soon?

Hi Keith,

If you click the link in the post above there is a walk through on how to buy the tickets

Hello Iain
Thank you.

Hi, I’m interested in going to this on the Saturday, aware that I’ve missed the discount period but not too worried about that.
Are you able to advise if I book my car for the stand that I’d be able to leave the event a little before all the staurday running has finished, or in that case would it be best for me to book normal parking tickets?

Based on past years, they don’t really enforce the “no movement during the day”…

I don’t foresee any issues leaving earlier

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Quick reminder that the Club’s display vehicle/driver entry ticket bookings for the Donington Historic Festival close at 5pm today.

Members can book here with this link:

Display vehicle bookings are now closed.
But you still able to secure entry tickets at the club’s 50% discount until 4pm on Thursday 28 April.

Book online at:

call 0344 225 4422 and quote the club code. (link above)

Please note this is a different web address than the previous one for display parking you are no longer able to secure display parking passes.

Is there a promo code for this? As Ive rang up and they said just the link above would not be sufficient. Or am I just being silly in trying to find the code😂everytime I try and find the code, it just says you’ve reached content for our paying members please login. But I am a paying member and am logged in so just a bit confused, any help would be greatly appreciated

Click the link in the top post for the code.

I just get directed to this screen

I think it’s meant to be for people who don’t pay for the membership but I do

Anyone know if the MX5OC parking is in the usual place on the inside of Redgate please?

Log out and back in again.

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Thanks this worked, really appreciate it🙂

Just arrived in.
Club stand is B2

Gates open at 7:30am and close at 10:00am for all display areas.
Vehicle movement during the day is prohibited. Vehicles will be allowed to exit via the tunnel after 4:00pm each day. However, occasional restrictions may apply outside of these times depending on the crowd density at the event.


  • Entry for display vehicles from club stands A - K is via the Esses Tunnel gate. Please follow signs to the main entrance of the venue and follow the signage labeled A - K into the Infield

Stand number: B2

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Just to say what super value this was - I finally got to use the tickets I bought in Jan 2020 (2020 cancelled, 2021 no spectators). In total £17.50 for two days with infield parking. Fab to see the Group C cars back at Donington too as they’re not always there. I always wonder just how you end up running / driving something worth (probably) £2 million that needs a articulated lorry to trasport and a team of several mechanics to keep going.


Anyone do a few words for the Club mag? please?

Hi Ian - I will send something in for you tomorrow all being well. You might need to find a few MX5 specific photos as I think most of mine were Group C related.

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Hi Ian - to follow up - I’ve now sent my write up and some photos to the editor’s email. Hopefully they’re useable:)

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