MX-5 Recaro in Central Scotland

Finally got round to posting on here…

We finally got our second mx-5 back in September. Great fun so far! Our last MX-5 was a 2005 NB, we got shot of it in 2013 as we thought having kids meant we couldn’t have a 2 seater, but last summer we bit the bullet and got a 2016 ND Recaro. Amazing!

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Best model bar non in my highly biased opinion. Had my Sport Recaro for nearly 3 years now and love it. You can get a boot rack for the kids to sit on, so no problem there. Welcome, and enjoy.

Welcome along, where about in CS are you?

Welcome, South Lanarkshire here. First MX5 I have owned is my 4yr old SR in ceramic. :+1:

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