MX-5 Track Prep

Hey guys,

So I’ve recently become an owner of my first MX-5.
It’s a Mk 3.5 and very happy with it.

I want to track it but still want it to be usable on day to day roads.

The initial thoughts are getting coilovers, brake pads etc but also want to look into giving it a bit more noise and bit more power.

Would appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction of any companies that they would recommend these parts off, or any parts in particular you have experienced and would recommend for the car.

Basically just a bit of knowledge on where to start really!


More noise and performance start with IL motorsport ,Racing beat or similar 4-1 catless exhaust manifold and ECU remap from the likes of Blink motorsport, +/- 20HP on offer.

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Be aware a catless exhaust manifold will fail an MoT under the new rules. The MoT rules now require the original number of catalysts to be present, not just that emissions meet the limits. I’m sure I’ve seen a post on here stating that some aftermarket manifolds now incorporate catalysts for that reason.

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Brakes brakes brakes.

Did my first track day in a mk3 and it benefited massively from new discs and pads. Went with ferodo pads. Should really have done the fluid aswell as was just starting to lose the pedal after a long session.
This meant we could stay out for as long as possible.

More track bias tires would be a nice addition.

Coilovers and a more aggressive alignment from blink motorsport made a big difference to my Mk1 but wouldn’t be my first choice of mod if I already had sport suspension and it wasn’t tired on a mk3 as they are fun without and maybe just an upgrade to anti roll bars might be enough for regular track work.

I also wouldn’t put cheap coilovers on as it will just ruin the ride on road.

Keep it simple and spend the money on track time :slight_smile:


Do you like driving on track? I wouldn’t do anything until you know that.
Next thing is noise, there are degrees, but don’t associate noise with performance. And don’t be upset if noisy exhausts fail sound tests.


Yep been on track many times, its great fun.

Cheers for the advice, yep I plan on doing pads and fluid straight away!

Also the IL motorsport cat backs are good value and. It too loud you should pass noise at most circuits with one

This is new to me, can you reference the relevant source?

Certainly can. MoT testers manual:

Section defect (a) Emission control equipment fitted by the manufacturer missing, obviously modified or obviously defective. Major failure


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Thanks for that. JS46