MX-5 Welders

I had the chassis rails done by C&C Sparkes in Bisley. If you look at their reviews they are excellent. Couldn’t complain on the price or service.


Added Autoweld and C&C Sparkes


Another recommendation for SGH Bodyworks in Bristol. They did an excellent job replacing the front chassis legs on my 2002 NB. Quality work at a reasonable price. Also did a good job keeping me updated.thumbnail_IMG_1101

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Also had my chassis legs repaired there, MOT tester said it was fantastic welding.

I’ve used this company they renovated my mk3 fitting new rear and front subframe welding several rusty areas at both front and rear very good job reasonable price and Adam is very user friendly. Specialist in renovating mx5’s

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I paid a wholly uneconomic amount for mine to be done but then I decided the car would live forever when it would otherwise be scrap so it’s been welded right up the a frame new inner and strengthener fabricated both sides and new outer and right up the b post new inner arches and rear wings and respray it’s original red. The welding is immaculate (I have a borescope to see) and I have the beefed up mx5 restorer chassis rails. Classic and resto, Durham. It looked a bit weird my car was in a bay next to a Lamborghini Urraco.

Depends where you are and what you need bud.

We do renovations this end, with Pro bodyworkz based with in map body shop in Wiganshire with Mr Steve Pemberton, anyone worth there salt in the scene knows of Ste, we have been around a long long time with these Roadsters.

I haven’t used this place, but they seem to do quality work ( on the basis of their reviews ) and they have quoted a reasonable price for sills & rails

Dan is a top man at the corner.

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How much approx do you guys recon for lower sill/arch welding? had a quote of 1k so far

Per side? That’s MX5restorer price, including paint. Prices I expect to go up.

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As is probably well known to alot of MX5 OC members by now due to my facebook post recently i just had a fair bit of extensive welding done on my NC by MX5 City.

What’s the consensus these days? I’m sure after all these years there are some good repairers out there.

It’s always a balance between cost and workmanship, following the map here there’s a lot.

But if people had to choose, who seems to be the best price to work done?

How many times has one person had their MX5 welded? I’ve had 2 MX5s welded, both at Thrussington. If I had to do it again, I probably go there again.

Depends on budget and where/who you use and the area, they are only rusting because of the lack of protection and hindsight from owners from new.
There is a major difference between repaired correctly and bodged,there is an art to body work fabrication,and you will pay for the expertise and knowledge, unfortunately, most go down the route of MOT bodges/patches , plastic filler and so on, we see it often as a norm these days.
If they have been done correct with photo proof and protected correct and stayed on top of , they do not drop in any money for re-sale.

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I had a shoddy job done on my old NA sills by a garage that featured in STHT. Turns out their best welder, a real MX-5 fanatic, left the firm in between the article being published and my car being done later that year. The rust was back within 18 months. The garage has now ceased trading.

Just had my nc dinitrol Ed and was advised small rust hole under sill/passenger wheel arch needs attention but unsure where near Uxbridg e/heathrow i should go for a quote …the map suggests the options are pretty limited but any recommendations would be appreciated…many thanks