MX-5 Welders

I have been monitoring a few threads where owners were looking for places to get welding done.
But haven’t found any that provide good feedback or a collation of options, that is what I have tried to do here:

That map shows all the places I have found mentioned in various posts or through my own online searches.


The original Poll has been removed as I was not allowed to add additional options after votes had been cast, the results on close were:

Welder Votes
SGH Bodyworks 2
CS Haynes 1
Deepcar Autobodies 1
MX5 Restorer 1
Thrussington Garage 1

If you have any experience welders, listed or not, please comment below and provide additional feedback so I can update this post!

Finally, who would everyone suggest and are some worth travelling to?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

PS. If you have other suggestions let me know and I will add them to the map and list :smiley:


Following as I need some welding next year, I am located near Manchester as well.

You missed out Thrussington Garage, which has been extensively discussed. I’ve had 2 Mk1s welded there, and I know others have as well.

Thanks for the info @saz9961, I have updated the poll and map accordingly

I and a few others have recommended DFTR Automotive

Updated the map @His_Mazdas_Voice but I am not allowed to add new options to the poll any more :confused:

I think Borders MX5 only work part time now. They don’t seem to reply to emails or voicemails

@scuddriver, Borders MX5 are no longer doing work, I was messaged separately about this and removed them from the map but I am not allowed to adjust the poll :confused:

Quote from their website:

As from 1st July 2020, I shall be concentrating on finishing the ground up restoration on the ‘S’ Special we started last year. It is almost complete with just the suspension, brakes, seats, wheels and hood to source and fit. We would expect that it could be completed by the end of August depending on the Covid-19 situation and the availability of the final few parts. A potential buyer can still choose any of the final items to there own specification.
When this restoration is completed, I shall finally retire at the age of 70 to concentrate on converting my Historic Race prepared Hillman Imp to rally specification so that I can enter the Jim Clark Rally next year.
May I take this opportunity to thank all my customers for their support and interest in Border MX5’s over the years. I still have a workshop full of parts so come along and grab a bargain. It all has to go.

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SGH Bodyworks did a brilliant job on my chassis legs, I honestly thought it was a goner but they saved my MX, and they did the sills as well.

Map updated with a new welder:

Hi Ian great work by way , an update on the whereabouts of Rocha Restorations its on Furlong lane Litty Wood Farm
ST18 9DW Bradley.

Best regards
Lee Girling

Thanks for the details @Lee67, I have added him to the map

Speedweld Engineering in Arborfield RG7 1UY. Malcom does welding repairs on classic restorations. A man who cares about the car and his workmanship.


Hi. Do you have any recommendations for the Derbyshire area. I have mk3 that needs the rear sill to arch rust cutting out and repairing.

All the recommendations I am aware of are on the map, one of the most recent additions is S.P.A. in Ilkeston

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I had a welder replace panels on my MX-5, took body panels I had cut from a donor and replaced damaged and rusty panels on my car. Location is near Llandyfan and Ammanford.
Can be found on Facebook as Autoweld or his number is 07465969044. I don’t have his postcode unfortunately but I live nearby at SA182UD.


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