New owner of MK1 Eunos

Hello everyone,

Just bought myself a MK1 after seeing it at work unloved, never considered one before but after driving for two mins I could tell how capable it was. It has no MOT and needs welding. Hopefully I can find someone good in Rutland. Hope to see other fellow MX5 owners out there.


Welcome from another mk1 restoration owner and a mk3!
Mines a 92 auto, imported.


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Photos unloved please?

Hi Craig, and welcome from Nottinghamshire. (Near Mansfield) And well done for saving another Mk1! You should find no shortage of advise and help from MX-5 owners on here…! :slight_smile:

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The pictures look good but it has a hole on the LH rear sill, and slightly scabby under components. Just need to find a decent welder in the Rutland area. [quote=“apulfermx5, post:3, topic:119976, full:true”]
Photos unloved please?


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Thrussington Garage have been recommend a few times and are close to you in East Goscote, see this thread for more info:

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Good old classic plate!

Welcome to the club.
This car will be a great looking classic.

From the rear of the car, it’s most probably an import so officially a Eunos. V5C will show MX5 as “they” seem to have an issue with recording what it actually is.

Last few years MOT’s show exhaust emissions are high, but a 1992 import can be tested as if no cat converter is fitted, so maybe the testing station was unaware. Otherwise, all the MOT’s recently dont specifically mention corrosion as a major issue so you may be onto a winner here.

I use an iOS app “Vehicle Smart” and you can look up all the past MOT info for free. Subscribe if you want to enter your own car into the “garage” and keep additional info. Very useful app as you can also check other cars tax, mot and insurance status in the event of an accident.

Imports can have a smaller front numberplate so you may want to get rid of the sail on the front. For example . .

Import Number Plate

Enjoy your Eunos, I love mine!

Some shots of mine over the last 4 years . .

Yeah I think another number plate at the from is a good idea. Would just like to get it through its mot so I can enjoy it and have it as a rolling restoration. I think just a clean up underneath of the components and a bit of welding and she will be good to go.

Hi there,
I’ve an NB with alot of “red rot” too.
I’am in Oakham and have struggled to find any welders in area to no avail.
I have resorted to DIY. Front nearside rail replaced. And next week it’s offside complete rail, floor and wings as my jack disappeared into the underside :rofl:.
Thrussington garage and SPA servicing and spares are the closest but couldn’t get my car in untill June.

Hi mate.
Fancy doing mine? I can pay and bring some tea bags?:grinning: I only have a small hole on the rear sill.

If you fancy a road trip over to Oakham Sunday I’ll be about all day to have a look at your car.

Always the way, I’m away this weekend. If you’re about next week though? Cheers mate.

No worries.
I will be about next weekend .