Reliable Garage to have Sills repaired

Hi - I am a new member and my Mk1 has just failed its MOT due to holes in the sills. Can anybody recommend a reliable place to do this repair ? I live near Canterbury, in Kent.

Hi Simon the nearest place for that type of work that I know of is The MX5 Restorer in Pevensey ,a bit of a drive I know but they are MX5 specialists , they have a first class reputation. I took my NC2 there in the summer this year for full under seal treatment they done a first class job . I’m not to far from you myself in Ramsgate.

I would also highly recommend The MX5 Restorer as my experience of them is the same as Cpt_Carrothers.

Thanks. That’s really helpful. I saw them on Google but didn’t know anything about them. There seems to be another specialist a bit nearer in Tenterden, called Kent MX5 Services, but I know nothing about them either.

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Hello again SimonL1. I have also used Kent MX5 Services (wheel alignment). A very amenable and knowledgeable chap called Chris Dawkins. I believe his thing is more engines and mechanics although I am not sure. You could always enquire. I found him very approachable.

I know the place you mean , but I’m afraid I don’t know anything about them . The MX5 Restorers specialise in welding work have a look on their website . I know a lot of forum members have used them , and I’ve never seen any negative comments .

Great, thanks all for the info and advice. It sounds like MX5 Restorers are the place to go

Have you spoken to Mark at Freelance Mazda in Chatham he may have a recommendation.

Another reason for choosing MX5 Restorer is that they have a YouTube channel where they show you the work they do. They used to do at least one video a week showing what they were working on, but that was before covid19. There are several covering sills and arches.

Yup, good marketing using Youtube. But the work is the same standard as the other trusted repairers.

The weekly videos showed them generally stuffed for work, and most owners couldn’t expect a fast job following a MOT fail, which is usually the trigger point for welding.

I took mine to MX5 Restorer in Eastbourne for chassis rails, and again for a replacement diff. I lived in Dartford, Kent at the time. Worth the distance though.

Any one based in Essex might want to give Bodytek a try, they did some excellent work on my Angels NB.
Bodytek, Unit 3, Triangle Garage, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4QR, 01621 850052

Mark Lifton in Sheerness (01795-667221) claims to be experienced in MX5 sill and bodywork repairs? I’m thinking of using him later this year. Does anyone have experience of his services?

We used Twisted Fabrication in Banham Norfolk for front frame repair. Satisfied with his work.

I would recommend Kriss at MX5mania down on Romney Marshes.
Did an excellent job on our MX5.

Hi fellow MX5 owners. Just bought a MK3 2.0L in Grey and as we all know some bits need a bit of TLC.
Firstly the rear arches are in need of attention with a bit of boot flooring, only surface rust on the lip of the wheel arches so want to get it sorted. I live in Burton on Trent and looking for a trusted / used bodyshop. Next I have a factory fitted extra at source - BOSE 6 CD changer radio. However I don’t have the radio key code and want to change the battery. Any way I can reset the code. Oh yes, one last one, Had the air con regassed, brilliant when I got it back, a day later not really that cold and a drip on the drive. Oil pressure and temp are normal so suggesting now oil leaks. Any help gratefully received. Thanks and hope to see some of you in the near future.