Restoration advice please?

Hi. We live in Cardiff and have a 1992 Mazda MX5 Mk1 SE, which has sat neglected, unused (SORNd) on our drive for 5 years. I occasionally reattach the battery and drive it back and for on the drive, just to keep it moving, but that is very infrequent. It starts first turn of the key and sounds great but it is very neglected. I know very little about cars but before I scrap it (and as we’re both retired now), thought I would look at having it restored, as it was such a pleasure to drive . I am hoping someone may please have the details of a reputable restorer who I could contact to come and look the car over, and give me some sort of idea of the price and if it’s worth the cost and bother. I appreciate any advice you guys would give. Thanks for your time.

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Just a thought, if you think it may be only suitable for scrap you could ask a reputable local MOT garage to collect it with trade plates and trade insurance and see what the mot brings up, I would only do it with a garage I trusted well.

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Are you part of “Total 5’s”?

On my MX-5 Welders Map I have Total MX5 Repair marked near Cardiff, they run most of their communications through the above Facebook group and might be worth a call.

Thank you Dave, that’s a good tip. I’ll have to find out about reputable MOTers as my own experience has been mixed.

I spent nearly £4k last year bringing back my neglected MK1 to life after it sat dissolving in it’s lock up. I’m not done yet, but it flew it’s MOT the other day.
It was basically rotting scrap on 4 flat tires.
There’s not a lot left of it underneath bar the diff you could call original!
Then again, I’m certifiable.
You’d need to budget ( depending on how much rot needs doing) plus recommissioning ( everything) anywhere between 2k if you are a winner to 5k plus…depending entirely on the state of it. Brakes, tyres, possible leccy issues, maybe exhaust as they wilt from the inside out if original mild steel, general fixes like hood seals, total fluid flushes, etc etc.
Entirely depends on what the car is worth to you for personal reasons.
Possibly for the money, you could pick up a plug and play decent sort and have fun…again!
Good luck anyhow.

It was a roller coaster if triumph & trial.

Hi Ian. Thanks for replying. I wasn’t part of that Facebook group but have just requested to join. I’ll have a look at what it’s all about and at their website. Thanks again.

It’s been a difficult time with the lockdown and everything. Have you managed to advance your situation.

Hi Daveyw. You’re right, lockdown hasn’t helped. We’ve decided it’s probably better to get rid of it, which is a shame as, although it’s neglected, it’s one of only 200 Mk1 SE made according to the blurb, has a wooden steering wheel, ABS, power steering, tan interior, and those front fogs that seem to be ridiculously priced. The engine sounds beautiful so it would suit someone looking for a project.

Yes, great edition, after the Le Mans definitely my favourite mk1. Those wheels were something else.

You do know the LeMans ( AKA the Flying Pringles) were cobbled up in the UK?

The flying Pringles​:rofl::rofl: still my favourite although a friend had a series1 se with BBR conversion from new, very, very nice.