New MK1 owner, 1st MX5

Hi guys,

I finally have an MX5 mk1 after wanting one for many years.

I’m 6ft 4in so always thought they would be too tight for me but when this one came up I couldn’t resist.

It a 98 Berkeley 94/400, 1.8 all original as far as I can see.

It’s done 76k and all seems ok rot wise apart from a small crack at the top of the drivers sill. This i am concerned about as its right below the door line and water gathers in it!

Apart from that engine wise its lovely, new discs and pads all round and recently serviced.

Plans are to sort that sill out and get the front leather seats re-trimed, I’m based tge the West Midlands so any advice on where to get these done are more than welcome!?

After that it’s the suspension and tyres. I want it slightly lower so thinking coil overs ?

I also need a cover as my garage houses my motorbike. Again any suggestions welcome


hi and welcome
that’s a lovely looking car

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Hi, congratulations on your purchase and in good time too for the next world record attempt next June.
I’m in West Bromwich and have a cover you could use for outside, £25 if it helps. Pm me if it’s any use to you.

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For sill work, see:

I’m guessing cracking means its been filled at some stage.

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Welcome, looks good hope you get the sill sorted easily. There has been a lot posted on hear recently about covers, I posted about an hour ago about my cover , basically Classic Additions top of the range cover very good IMO but £195 !

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Looks fantastic Wayne…one of my personal favourites. Barely run in! :wink: I’m a wee bit jealous.
Saz has hinted at previous “repairs”. So common in these old cars. ( Mine is older!)
Best advice? Bullet biting time if it’s a keeper for a few years.
Get a boroscope in both sides to survey not if…but how much rust there is…perhaps before shelling out on chassis mods.

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Thanks Dazam !

Yes its all been done a couple of years back including a full respray. The crack is the only bad part do I’d like to sort it before it gets any worse.

Thanks for that

The rust has all been done apart from this bit. But yes it’s a keeper !

You can just make out the small crack on this picture.

Welcome to the club - Berkeley is a nice one to have, stunning colour

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What’s this world record attempt?

Mx5 owners club members, venue Elvington airfield up near York, June 2021.
Basically we did the same in 2019 and there were approx 1600 MX5’s and we were attempting the world record for a rolling convoy of any motor club, us having the most members we should have broke our previous record but sadly Guinness have strict rules and a few drivers didn’t maintain a two car distance and so Guinness ruled the convoy wasn’t one. So we’re having another attempt next year. Great day out it is. Join the Mx5 owners club for details but also you get discounts and benefits from a host of suppliers, great reads and advice and local meets and runs out organised in each area.

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I’m struggling to see a crack. The panel join under the door is normal. I can see the wheel arch lip is thickened, so its had some work in that area

Me too…

DFTR near Dudley do MX5 welding work. Havent used them personally but depending exactly where you are they could be worth giving a call to.

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You shouldn’t have water sloshing around in the sills. Lie down on your back parallel to the sill and you will see some small pieces of the rib a little larger than the rest of the sill. These are the outlets for water that gets into the sills that are probably blocked up. A thin piece of wire poked around in there an the water should come rushing out. A good buy is the workshop manual from MX5PARTS.

Thanks pollyanna!

Water just sits on top of the small crack in the paint work. I don’t think the sills are full of water but now I know how to check :+1:

I’ve just ordered the trombone? Cleaner for the drain holes in the rear wings as well.

Careful with a trombone cleaner; used vigourously, they can detained the plastic drain tubes. I prefer a straightened coat hanger wire.

Uusually the sills fill up because of a knackered roof.

The little slits aren’t actually drains; they’re too small for that. More like vents for condensation.

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Nice to see another Berkeley edition. The last of the MK1. I got mine in March and spent up to September sorting all the issues. Sills, wheelarches, wings, lights, suspension and brakes. All the fluids and a full respray. There are so many people in the club who can offer invaluable help on where to buy things and their experiences. I put mine on the forum as Berkeley edition. Is it worth restoring and also on instagram as Doug_MX5, should you be interested. I have only managed about 100 miles in it but love it. Enjoy and good luck with your new money pit! There are so many things you can do to them.

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I can understand why you couldn’t resist! Lovely car.
How do you manage to fit in it?