New member. Please help

  1. My model of MX-5 is: Mk1 1.8S (BRG)
  2. I’m based near: Hitchin Hertfordshire
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Rust & Sill repairs

Hello All!

I’m a first time owner of a Mk1 and I was prepared for work to be done however, she has failed on her first MOT for sill corrosion.

Seatbelt anchorage near side/offside inner/outer.

I’m prepared for the bill for this work to be completed but I’d really like it done by a professional.

I’m struggling to find anyone to complete the work for me any time soon. The soonest I’m looking at currently is September! I’d really like to have her on the road for the summer.

If anyone can recommend someone to me or help in any way I will be grateful!

Many thanks

Hi James and welcome from Nottinghamshire… I think the problem with getting remedial work done anytime soon is due to recent lockdowns… So many companies have a lot of work stacked up now and whilst I can’t help you specifically, you have come to the right place… Hope you can sort it sooner rather than later…! :slight_smile:

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Hi James welcome from Cheshire. I have a mk1 V Special and am also waiting to have some welding done (soon I hope ) under the off side rear wheel arch liner. I have photo’s on my post. “New member old car. replace oil seals Yay or Nay” if you can find it . Sorry I can’t help with welders in Hertfordshire. Garages that do MOTs generally know someone who does body work. A ring a round might help, September is a long time to wait. Hope you sort something out sooner than September. Allen.

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Hey Rob, Allen,

Thanks for your response.

Yeah a friend of mine said it was probably due to the recent lockdowns. Everybody getting their projects ready for the summer!

I picked a great time to buy huh?!

I really can’t wait to get her on the road. I’ve had a little blast and I’m hooked!

I was toying with doing the work myself but the only thing I’m not capable of is fabricating my own panels.

People have warned me against said work but everybody has to start somewhere right??

There’s never a bad time to buy, I bought my ND2 last July… the good thing is buying in! :slight_smile:

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well perhaps like many classic car owners, now is the time to learn to weld :wink:

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Where have you tried so far? The closest MX-5 welder to you I know of is MX-5 Works in Leighton Buzzard, more details on this map:

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Hi James, not really anywhere near Hitchin but good twin links from Botley and Winchester to get you back home. Down here in Hampshire Doctor MX5 does excellent seamless to wheel arches and cills. / 07766702818

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While any body shop / welder can do the job there are plenty of specialists around who know these cars inside out. Never mind about finding someone local, just find someone good. Drive the car down to them, legal even if the MOT has failed as long as you are taking it to a booked in repair. Catch a train home and then wait patiently for a couple of weeks and do the same in reverse.