Mx5 2.0 NC power roof v nd 2.0 RF

Hi all have a low mileage nc 2.0 power roo
f thinking of going for an early ND RF2.0 , but am asking myself is it worth changing , smaller cabin ,boot, some tech issues gearbox , hubs bearings etc .Anyone made a change from a trusted cared for Nc powered roof to a 2.0 ND RF and regretted it ?

As often mentioned here we’re all different, so I suggest you try driving the RF (and other NDs) for at least a quarter hour and find out how well you yourself fit in it and how much you enjoy the experience.

Most dealers will be only to happy to let you have a test drive without any obligation.

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I had a 2017 RF auto with 158 bhp which for a 2 litre was under powered.
I went on to other makes for five years and then bought an NC 2015 Venture manual PRHT. Living in a city with constant gear changing led to part exchanging for a 2019 RF auto 2 litre.
It’s totally different from the NC and harks back to the NA in terms of weight and nimbleness. Yes, it’s smaller and there are/ have been gearbox and rear hub problems but the handling, technology and lighting
are way ahead of the NC. If you live near Wolverhampton, contact Brindleys where I did my deal- they’re really helpful and have second hand RFs you could try out. They were happy to PX my NC as it was in excellent condition and low mileage wit Apple carplay.

A very similar question to the one posed here recently: ND or NC - can't decide

Long story short, go and try an ND RF and see if it suits you.

I don’t see any point in changing if you’re happy with what you already have. If you are curious about an ND RF then it should be possible to get a test drive in one. In my opinion if someone really wants something they focus on the positives and not the negatives, the ND has both.

The NC and ND are quite different. The former gives a full open top experience; the latter is little more than dropping the windows and a sun roof. It’s nice styling wise but the only ND I would consider would be the soft top.